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Early signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

Early signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

“Am I Pregnant?”

It is one of the most universal questions if you are you trying to conceive for the last couple of days. You are spending contraceptive free nights with your partner at present. It is your dream to conceive. If you missed the period for the first time then congratulations you are going to be a mother soon.

But there are some early pregnancy signs before missing the period. Those symptoms are mild but if you pay close attention you can understand before missing the period.

Actually missing period assures completely that you are pregnant. It is the most known and trustable pregnancy confirmation. But if you look closely you can understand before two weeks of your period.

Let me tell you my experience. I was trying to conceive. So, I started reading lots of pregnancy blogs and mothers experience. I found out that there are some signs before missing period which can give you the signal of pregnancy.  Those studies actually helped me to realize long before I missed my period. If you found out some of those symptoms, take a home pregnancy test and then consult with your doctor to verify.

Early signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

These are a few symptoms of pregnancy that you would see before missed period:

  1. Morning sickness or nausea:

    Waking up in the morning with an upset stomach is the first sign which can prove that you are going to be a mother soon. It will make you feel bad and you would feel very sick as well. It’s a direct hit to pregnancy before missing your period. Changes of your body hormones during this time cause morning sickness. Don’t take any medicine before consulting your doctor. However, it can happen to a recently pregnant woman after conception.

  2. Pain:

    You can expect pain before missing period. It’s another sign of pregnancy before missing a period. Your uterus and some body parts go through lots of changes that create this type of pain. This pain won’t be unbearable, it won’t stay for long and after 12 weeks you won’t face this pain much. You will feel the ache in your lower bump area.

  3. Back pain:

    you can also face a bad back pain before missing your period. The pain will arise in your lower back area. In the early stage of pregnancy, it needs huge amount of energy to build placenta. Placenta is known as the life support system for baby. As a result you will feel pain in your back but this will not last for long as well. You need to sleep in a position where you would feel comfortable and won’t feel the pain much.

  4. Headache:

    Frequent headaches before missing period is another early pregnancy symptom. During pregnancy your brain cells won’t get the perfect amount of sugar which will cause this type of headache.

  5. Thirst:

    You would feel very thirsty all day long and you would feel like drinking water often. It is another sign of pregnancy before you miss your period. It is because, in the early stage of pregnancy, the blood volume of female body increases. Besides, a woman needs to urinate a lot during this time that can make them feel thirsty as well.

  6. Appetite problem:

    You would have major appetite problem because of vomiting and nausea. You won’t like having food though you would be hungry. But you would like pickles a lot during this time.

If you notice some of these early symptoms before missed period, you can go for a home pregnancy test and after that you can consult with your doctor for confirmation. However, those can be the sign of your pregnancy before you missed your period.

But remember those are only symptoms that can happen for another reasons. Don’t be so happy before clear confirmation. If you are pregnant, keep calm and don’t be afraid. It is one of the most memorable journeys for every woman.

Enjoy and keep smiling for a healthy baby. Take care!

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