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Can You Take a Pregnancy Test While on Your Period?

Have you been trying to conceive for a long time and are expecting pregnancy any time soon?

Or maybe you have just started getting pregnancy symptoms. But then one morning you wake up to find that you are bleeding. The only way to end this confusion is by taking a pregnancy test.

So if you are wondering whether you can take a pregnancy test while on your period, then YES, you can. The pregnancy tests that you take at home measure the presence of HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in your urine. This is a hormone which is only produced if you are pregnant. This hormone is also present in your blood during this time.

So, as long as you are following the instructions before taking the pregnancy test, it will deliver an accurate result with or without blood. If the results are positive, then it most definitely means that you are pregnant and the blood is not menstrual.

Can You Take a Pregnancy Test While on Your Period
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Bleeding can be triggered because of three reasons. They are discussed below:

Menstrual Bleeding

Menstrual Bleeding indicates the beginning of a new menstrual cycle. Thus ruling out all the chances of being pregnant. In this case, the pregnancy test will give a negative result. The pregnancy symptoms who had been getting were false signals, and a part of your PMS stage. However, the simplest way to find out if this is the case is by waiting for a few days. If the bleeding continues and starts getting heavier with time, then it most probably is just your regular menstrual cycle.

Implantation Bleeding

After your eggs are fertilized, they attach themselves to the uterine wall. This can lead to mild cramps and light bleeding, which is also called spotting. This kind of bleeding is known as implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding is experienced in case of almost 30% pregnancies. They are often ignored as menstrual bleeding but gives out a positive result in a pregnancy test. This kind of bleeding is shorter in duration and lasts for four to five days. They are nothing to worry about.

A Miscarriage

Bleeding can sometimes indicate a loss of pregnancy. If you have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms like nausea, exhaustion and mood swings, and then suddenly start bleeding with severe abdominal pain, it might be because you were pregnant all along, and had a miscarriage. In this case, too, the pregnancy result will come out positive. In this case, call your midwife or doctor immediately.

As discussed above, only in case of menstrual bleeding, the pregnancy test will give a negative result. If it does not, then it either means that the bleeding is caused due to implantation or because of an unfortunate miscarriage. In both cases, an emergency trip to the doctor must be arranged. The doctor will ensure the result by taking a blood test. Home pregnancy tests only confirm the presence of hCG. A blood test, however, shows its accurate levels.

So if you are bleeding and feel like you might be pregnant at the same time, don’t hesitate to take a pregnancy test for an early detection of pregnancy.

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2 thoughts on “Can You Take a Pregnancy Test While on Your Period?”

  1. Can someone help ? I had unprotected sex 2 days before ovulating in December & I experienced pregnancy symptoms but still got my period 2 days early … could I be pregnant???

    1. Hey Kaay, Thanks for your query. Well, if your period has already started, I think you don’t have to worry, you are safe now. Sometimes, we face pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness for some other issues. If you are not ready to take a baby right now, you better consult with a good gynecologist.

      By the way, you can test with a good home pregnancy test and be around 95% sure of your pregnancy.

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