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15 Best Maternity Swimwear 2018 You Must Need

When you are pregnant in the summer, there can be nothing more refreshing than just floating around in a swimming pool. But you must be confused as to how to handle swimming during this time as the favorite bikini top that you had been wearing last summer might not fit at all right now. Also, the bump which is growing every week might be too big for your designer one piece to handle. Move those earlier maternity swims wears aside and make space for some new totally awesome ones as we have brought for you a list of best maternity swimwear 2018.

Why need maternity Swimsuit?

Throughout your pregnancy journey, you will face lots of changes in your body. Your regular clothes will not adjust with your growth. Those will not provide you the ultimate comfort you always wanted. That’s why owing a maternity cloth is what you need to grab. Actually not only maternity swimsuits it will be wiser if you always wear maternity jeans, leggings, nursing bra, underwear and so on. Maternity clothes are specially designed for the pregnant women. Those are flexible, comfortable and adjust perfectly with growing body.

15 Best Maternity Swimsuit: Reviews

Well, this list is a result of team works. We consider the feedback of lots of pregnant women; ask the doctors and our team analysis the market as well. After that we enlisted 15 best maternity swimsuits in 3 different categories. Let’s check the reviews quickly.

Maternity Tankini

At present maternity tankini is one of the most popular swim wear among the pregnant women’s. It is a two piece suits with bikini bottoms and tank style top. Tankini provides additional support to tummy and lower back. Let’s check our best maternity tankini reviews at a glance.

PregO Maternity Women’s Dot Twist Tankini

PregO Maternity Women's Dot Twist Tankini

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Pregnant or not doesn’t matter the PregO Maternity Women’s Dot Twist Tankini is a must have option in your collection. It is made of finest nylon and Spandex materials. That’s why it is so soft to wear. The bottom is roll waist style that makes it supportive and straps are adjustable as well. The design is attractive and you will not feel any discomfort in this tankini. Pick it quickly or the stock will turn out!


Jessica Simpson Ruched Maternity Tankini Swimsuit

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Classy, appealing, sexy and attractiveness is the adjective I want to use for the Jessica Simpson Ruched Maternity Tankini Swimsuit! It is designed to provide ultimate support to a pregnant woman. They use soft nylon and spandex material to make it comfortable. Therefore, it is durable and fits perfectly as well. Washing this tankini is simple as well. If you are looking for the best maternity swimsuit for the money then this is it!


PregO Maternity Women’s Maternity Solid Twist Tankini

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The PregO Maternity Women’s Maternity Solid Twist Tankini is made in the USA. Manufacturer use softest nylon and lycra material for comfort and durability. It comes with adjustable straps and roll waist bottoms. Therefore, cleaning is simple as well. It is cute and fun to look at. The color is solid as well. However, if you are thinking about a tankini, don’t miss this amazing one!


Oceanlily Halter Women’s Swimsuit TANKINI TOP Charcoal/W Prt

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The Oceanlily Halter Women’s Swimsuit Tankini comes with a built in soft cup bra that provide utmost support to your growing breast. It is perfect for 3 trimesters and post-partum. This tankini is designed with nylon supplex and spandex materials. That’s why; it is long lasting and comfortable to wear. However, the design is attractive and classy. Pick it before the stock turns out or you will regret later!


Mermaid Maternity Women’s Maternity V Insert Tankini Top

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This Mermaid Maternity Women’s Maternity V Insert Tankini Top is the perfectionist. It has adjustable straps, soft cup bra and exclusive drawstring bottom included. It will provide support to your growing breast, tummy and lower back as well. It is perfect for 3 trimester and post-partum as well. Even your top will not float out in the water as well. The materials are first class yet the price is not prohibitive as well.


One Piece Maternity Swimsuits

Here is the list of 5 best one-piece maternity swimsuits. Those are hassle free to wear, comfortable and supportive as well. Those one-piece maternity swimsuits reduce the back pain as well. Let’s check the reviews at a glance.

PregO Maternity Women’s Empire One Piece Swimsuit

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The PregO Maternity Women’s Empire One Piece Swimsuit is the one you are looking for. It is made of comfortable nylon and lycra materials. For keep your breast in a comfortable way, it has soft cup construction. Therefore, the straps are adjustable. The bottom provides better support to your tummy and back. It will help you throughout your pregnancy period. It adjusts comfortably with growing body as well.


Motherhood Sweetheart Neckline Maternity One Piece Swimsuit

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It is one of the most attractive and stylish addition to your best maternity swimsuit reviews. You will say WOW as soon as you see this cute one. Not only the cuteness it is the best for quality as well. The Motherhood Sweetheart Neckline Maternity One Piece Swimsuit is designed with Nylon and Spandex material. That makes it comfortable and adjustable as well. The bottom is supportive and it supports the growing breast as well. However, the straps in it are convertible as well.


The Essential One Women’s Stripe Maternity Swimsuit

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Need a comfortable maternity swim suit? Well, consider the Essential One Women’s Stripe Maternity Swimsuit! It will not grow with your body but it will fit throughout your pregnancy journey. Therefore, it is constructed with quality and it will allow you to breastfeed with ease as well. It is easy to clean and dries quickly. The colors are adorable and it is not bulky as well. The manufacturer use polyester and elastane materials in order to make it comfortable and long lasting. Therefore, it is considered as one of the best one-piece maternity swimsuit for the money as well.


Momo Maternity UPF 50+ One Piece Halter Swimsuit

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The Momo Maternity UPF 50+ One Piece Halter Swimsuit will make you look like Bond Girl! The appearance is full black. It comes with the most stylish and attractive design. This one-piece swim suit is made of pure nylon material. So, it is undoubtedly comfortable. Besides, it is stretchy and has soft sewn in cups as well. You can wash it in the machine as well. It will provide you the best fit throughout your pregnancy journey that’s for sure.


Motherhood Printed Halter Maternity One Piece Swim Suit

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According to me, it is the most adorable one-piece swim suit in the market at present. Just wear it and it will make you cuter instantly. It is the best maternity swim suit not only for cuteness but also for swimsuits for quality and comfort as well. Manufacturer designed this swim suit specially to adjust with the growing body. Therefore, it is made of nylon and spandex materials. Those materials make it heavenly comfortable.


Maternity Bikinis

Let’s check out the best maternity bikinis. Those bikinis are specially designed for pregnant women. Those are comfortable and supportive yet come at a reasonable price range. Let’s see the reviews.

PregO Maternity Women’s Maternity Roll Waist Bikini

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Well PregO never disappoint their customers! They are making finest maternity clothes for years. And they are leading because of their tremendous quality and fantastic customer service. However, the PregO Maternity Women’s Maternity Roll Waist Bikini is one of their best additions. It is made of nylon, lycra and other soft fibers. The bottom is roll waist and front tie is adjustable. Therefore, the cups are removable as well. Besides, it has hook back closure too. What can I say about the design? The design is decent and smart as well.


A Pea in the Pod Removable Straps Maternity Bikini Swimsuit

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It is another best maternity swimwear at present. The A Pea in the Pod Maternity Bikini Swimsuit is the perfect choice for your growing bump and sensitive breast. What make this bikini stand out from the others of this sort are its removable and spaghetti straps. It is designed with nylon and spandex materials. It is very comfortable to wear. You will not feel a little bit of discomfort while in this maternity swimsuit. Therefore, it is long lasting, easy to clean and dries quickly.


PEZ D’OR Maternity Palm Springs Polka Dot Printed bikini

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The PEZ D’OR Maternity Palm Springs Polka Dot Printed bikini is another comfiest addition in our list. It is made with finest materials and provides heavenly support throughout the pregnancy journey. Therefore, it features fully lined brief, back clasp and padded top with side boning and detachable halter straps. For the price it is one of the finest choices for your wardrobe.

PregO Maternity Women’s Roll Waist Check Bikini Set

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PregO’s roll waist bikini is designed for adjusting your growing bump suitably. The halter bra comes with adjustable back hook closure and it can be adjusted more at the front tie as well. It is unique as you can remove the bra cups whenever you want to. The bottoms will provide you more coverage and supportive feel you always desire. The design is charming and beautiful. It is durable also.


PEZ D’OR Maternity Rimini Textured Marine Striped Bikini

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The PEZ D’OR Maternity Rimini is a striped Waffle fabric bikini. It closes at back with clasp and also features detachable halter straps. Therefore, it will allow you to remove the pad on the top. The design of this bikini is attractive. It offers great support during your pregnancy journey. Therefore, the price is not prohibitive as well. Don’t miss the chance to use this amazing maternity swim suit. Pick it quickly before the stock turns out.


Now select an option according to your personality and before make any deal read the buying guide below. This will help you to pick one wisely.

Best Maternity Swimsuit Buying Guide

Though, it’s just a cloth to wear so, you may be wondering it’s not essential to consider anything before buying a swimsuit. But you are wrong someway. As, it is for pregnant women so consider every little aspect are mandatory.

However, lots of dishonest companies producing clothes that are not made with health friendly materials. Rather those are full of chemicals that are harmful not only for pregnant women but also for everyone.

That’s why read the buying guide section carefully and pick a maternity swimsuit comfortably.

Consider materials

While picking a maternity swimsuit it is essential to consider the materials. Most of the good maternity swimsuits are made of Nylon, Lycra and Spandex. Those materials are health friendly and obviously provide that heavenly comfort you want. Besides, some brands are producing fines quality polyester made swimsuit as well. So, pick wisely. If you have any allergy in those materials, better is to avoid. If not pick those material made maternity swimsuits without any hesitation.

Consider Straps

Your body will grow and you will gain lots of weight during this period. That’s why while picking any maternity swimsuit better is to go for adjustable straps. This will help you to adjust your dress with your growing body.

Consider the Size

Actually, it is one of the most confusing things to consider during maternity. What size is suitable for you during maternity? Should you buy a larger size one? How much larger? Well, well known brands offering maternity size. For example, if you wear a size 3 regular swimwear of a particular brand, you have to wear size 3 maternity size of this brand. That’s the best idea. Therefore, maternity swim wears usually come with stretchy fabric so that it can accommodate your growing body. No need to worry much on that note! All you have to do is pick your size but in maternity version.

Design and Color

No matter what, design and color are the utmost priority to any women. That’s why while picking doesn’t underestimate the necessity of design and color. Pick the design that suits your personality so as the color.


If you want to wear this maternity swim suit even after the birth of your child, you should consider the versatility. However, present swimsuits are made to use during pregnancy and even after pregnancy. So, pick according to your need.

Best Maternity Swimwear – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where to buy maternity swimwear?

Well, you can purchase maternity swimwear from your nearest clothing shops. It is the best idea to visit and check by yourself. You can also place an order in the Amazon. But for doing so you have to learn properly. Read the reviews carefully to learn the downside of the product. Also, read the reviews of the previous customers. That’s how you can win at the end.

Q: What to consider while picking a maternity Swimwear?

While purchasing a maternity swimwear you have to look for the adjustable straps firstly. Your body will change a lot during this time. Adjustable straps will adjust with your growing body. Also, look for comfortable spandex, lycra and nylon materials. Also, there are one piece and two piece swimwear available in the market, decide which style will suit you the most.

Q: Does maternity swimwear costs much?

Not really! The price of a best maternity swimwear is beyond the reach level of everyone. But there are some dishonest manufacturer who sells chap quality products at a low price range. Don’t fall for low price. Those are mostly made of harmful fabric that can harm you and your baby, rather purchase maternity suit from a well known brand. Those will last and also give you the comfort you need.



It has said that swimming is the best form of exercise during pregnancy as it has the capability of making a woman feel weightless in spite of the added extra pounds. So if you are lucky enough to be pregnant during summer, grab one of these awesome swimsuits and jump into a pool near you (with a caution of course) and rid yourself of all those additional pregnancy stress, while embracing the taste of motherhood!

That’s all for the reviews and buying guide. Now pick one according to your need. Those are the comfiest options at present. Yet the price is near to your hand.

Lastly, dear upcoming mom we the maternityfolks is always here to remove your fear and make your maternity journey smoother! If you have any pregnancy related question, feel free to state.

Stay happy and safe. The essential products, tips and hacks are coming soon. Till then:

Have a safe maternity journey!

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