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15 Best Maternity Jeans of 2017 – You Must Buy


Winter or summer jeans is something that is fashionable in every season. Starting with kids and women, how old one doesn’t matter; everyone wears jeans. It’s something that people can wear for any occasion. People find it extremely comfortable to wear jeans.

There are different kinds of jeans available on the market. They come in different designs, sizes, fabrics, colors, patterns and whatnot. From normal jeans to rugged jeans there are different ranges of jeans that are available.

Motherhood is a time when ladies look for comfort by maintaining style. They also what to make it sure that the pair of jeans they are wearing is safe as well.

Though some women feel it uneasy to wear jeans at that time the best thing is that different companies now are making jeans for the moms who are in their maternity stage.

Their main motive is to serve the upcoming moms with the comfort with a touch of style to it.

Best Maternity Jeans 2017: Our Top 15 Selection

There is different types of maternity jeans, skinny maternity jeans, maternity pants and what not. They have maternity jeans for every mother of every age. Moms can choose their perfect one from these.

Motherhood Indigo Blue Premium Secret Fit Belly Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans

Motherhood Indigo Blue Premium Secret Fit Belly Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans

If you are a fashionable woman, The Motherhood Indigo Blue Premium Maternity Jeans is what you are looking for then. I don’t know what is called the best maternity jeans; all I know is that this one has everything. It is stylish and unique.

It is made of premium quality cotton and spandex materials which are suitable during pregnancy. Therefore, it comes with secret belly fit design for ultimate fit. The price is also near your budget. Pick quickly.

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Three Seasons Maternity Women’s Maternity Flair Jean

Three Seasons Maternity Women's Maternity Flair Jean
It’s a very classic pair of maternity jeans for the mom who looks for comfort. It’s very easy to wash. A pair of jeans that moms can wear in different seasons during pregnancy. It’s a pair of dressy jeans which is not skinny, its loose; it’s just fit so that moms can feel comfortable.

It comes in one solid color in different sizes to make it easier for the moms. A pair of classic jeans which has five pockets and its flared leg as well. It also has a belly band and knit and its tab at the waist part. Cotton is mostly used to make this pair of jeans.

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Ag Jeans Secret Fit Belly Stilt Straight Maternity Jeans

Ag Jeans Secret Fit Belly Stilt Straight Maternity Jeans

Ag jeans are the most comfortable pair of maternity jeans that provides the best comfort during pregnancy. It’s made of fine cotton material with spandex. It is a pair of stylish ankle jeans. I think I need to add this pair will provide the best support you need during your pregnancy journey. Pick this one and enjoy the pregnancy time with classy outlook.

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James Jeans Women’s Maternity Twiggy Jean Legging

James Jeans Women's Maternity Twiggy Jean Legging
Leggings are always fashionable. They are easy to wear, very lightweight so they are easy to carry as well. The Perfect thing to wear during motherhood. Young moms mostly wear leggings during motherhood. This legging is jeans cut leggings.

It’s really fit and comes in two different solid colors. These jeans is really easy to wash and it’s made of cotton as well. It’s an external maternity jean legging which means that moms can wear it after the maternity period as well. So moms can go for this one.

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James Jeans Women’s James Twiggy Maternity Underbelly Jean

Let me introduce you to another best pair of maternity jeans that made with amazing modal, cotton, polyester and spandex material. Without any doubt, this pair will provide you the best comfy you needed during pregnancy.

It features wide belly panel with elastic waistband and it is a machine washable pair. Don’t miss the chance to wear the best maternity jeans!

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Motherhood Indigo Blue Secret Fit Belly Boot Cut Maternity Jeans

Motherhood Indigo Blue Secret Fit Belly Boot Cut Maternity Jeans

ladies would like to wear this pair of maternity jeans during their motherhood. It’s a pair of bootcut maternity jeans which is just fit for the moms, not loose, not skinny. This boot cut has given it a classic look as well. It comes in a nice midnight dark wash color so it’s just gorgeous.

It’s a pair of must-have basic jeans for the moms with a secret fit belly to maintain the comfort and the safety as well. This nice pair of jeans comes in different sizes for the moms to enjoy their maternity which is very easy to wash.

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Motherhood Secret Fit Belly Super Stretch Skinny Maternity Jeans

Make your maternity journey comfortable and stylish with this Motherhood Secret Fit Belly Super Stretch Skinny Maternity Jeans. It’s skinny leg jeans with perfect belly fit features. It has two beautiful color options, and washing is simpler than you imagine.

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Motherhood Indigo Blue Secret Fit Belly 5 Pocket Straight Leg Maternity Jeans

Motherhood Secret Fit Belly Straight Leg Maternity Jean

It’s a pair of jeans which comes in a beautiful dusted medium wash color that can make a woman look absolutely stunning on it. It’s a pair of straight fit leg maternity jeans and comes in different sizes as well for the moms who are willing to enjoy motherhood with glamor.

It has 5 signature pockets as well for the moms as a big advantage. This cotton pair of jeans is just so easy to wash so moms don’t have to take extra hassle. Moms can grab it without hesitation on any occasion.

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Maternal America Women’s Maternity Skinny Ankle Jean

Maternal America Women's Maternity Skinny Ankle Jean

Short jeans or ankle jeans is so perfect to wear during maternity as it’s easy to wear, carry and from above its extremely comfortable for the moms out there. It’s a fine cut fit pair of jeans for the moms which has a pant style. Moms can wear it as a maternity pant also.It’s mostly made of cotton and it comes in different solid vibrant colors and sizes for the moms to look outstanding during their motherhood.

Young moms would pick this pair of maternity jeans during their pregnancy. It’s a very easy machine a washable pair of jeans which has features like its extremely soft, stretchy underbelly waistband. It’s also designed with comfy stretch spandex cotton to maintain the comfort zone.
Young moms would pick this pair of maternity jeans during their pregnancy. It’s a very easy machine a washable pair of jeans which has features like its extremely soft, stretchy underbelly waistband. It’s also designed with comfy stretch spandex cotton to maintain the comfort zone.

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Lilac Skinny 5 Pocket Maternity Jeans – Distressed

lilac-skinny-5-pocket-maternity-jeansThis is one rugged looking maternity skinny pair of jeans very suitable for the young moms out there to enjoy the taste of maternity with glamor and style. It’s one stretchy pair of jeans with an attached tummy panel in nude and Internal adjustable waistband so it’s a very smart feature for the moms to feel extra comfortable.

It has Traditional 5 pocket styling with a 29 inches’ inseam and false fly. One a stretchy distressed pair of jeans. So it really doesn’t stretch out and it also retains the shape perfectly. It’s very easy to wash and comes in different sizes in a very nice color which is Medium Wash Distressed. A very nice choice for the young moms.

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JoJo Maman Bebe Women’s Maternity Skinny Jeans

This skinny pair of jeans is very easy to wash as it is machine washable. It’s made of cotton, so it’s comfortable to wear as well. It’s very skinny so moms can show their legs with elegance and fashion. It comes in Dark Wash color which is so nice and perfect to wear in the evening and also at other times.

It has a wide jersey waistband which is soft and extremely comfortable. These maternity jeans also supports the bump as they grow bigger means it thinks about the safety. It comes in different sizes.

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James Jeans Women’s Maternity Jules Trumpet Leg Jeans

James Jeans Women's Maternity Jules Trumpet Leg Jeans
it’s a nice external pair of maternity jeans known as trumpet leg jeans. Anyone can wear this during the motherhood. It’s really comfortable to wear as the material is cotton.

This pair of jeans comes in different sizes and its fit with a loose fit in the leg area has a nice look. It’s a pair of flare maternity jeans which is easily washable by machine.

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Seraphine Angelina Skinny Luxe Maternity Jeans – Grey


it’s a very nice pair of skinny maternity jeans for the moms. its soft and has a four-way stretch technology for extra comfort. It has a flattering back pocket, so it is basically designed to lift your butt so that moms can look stylish. It’s made of cotton and easy to wash.

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Motherhood Wallflower Secret Fit Belly Boot Cut Maternity Jeans

Wallflower Maternity Jeans specially designed for the smartest women with most comfortable cotton, spandex and polyester material. It will fit in your growing belly perfectly and will provide the best style during your pregnancy period. In a single word, this pair is ‘Perfect.’

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So far, those are the best maternity jeans for the smartest moms! All of the jeans provide better support and ultimate comfort throughout your pregnancy journey.

Don’t miss the chance to look stylish even with your growing belly. Don’t get me wrong; you look prettier than before with your baby on your belly! Just for smartest style pick the best maternity jeans from here.

Best Maternity Jeans Buying Guide

Probably you have the hurry to pick the maternity jeans. Well, before you make your deal, my suggestion is to look closely at this portion of the article. Here, I will discuss some basic things you should know to pick the best maternity jeans from the market or an online shop!

Usually, most mothers often pick jeans that don’t accommodate with their growing belly after some weeks. That’s why you should know some factors, so that, you can wear your maternity jeans throughout your pregnancy journey.

Let’s have a close look at the things you should consider before picking the right pair of maternity jeans for yourself or for your loved one!

Types of Pregnancy Jeans

There are various types of maternity jeans available in the market which has different purposes and different types of comfort. As every pregnancy is dissimilar, so needs of mother vary! Let’s see the types:

Under The Bump fit: These types of jeans are from the earlier stage of pregnancy. Here you will find a jersey panel with a supportive band of elastic that is wide as well. However, while picking this type of jeans look for the style and different size for a different stage.

Over The Bump Fit: This types of jeans features elasticized waistband that fits over your bump. You can find semi panel or even full panel of the bump fit models. Those jeans will adjust with your growing belly.

Panel on the Back Fit: Those types of jeans have elastic panels on the back side. Those are also comfy and provide the support and appearance is exactly like regular jeans.

Front Panel Fit: This one has a smaller band of stretch on the front just under the belly. However, this can be used throughout your pregnancy journey. And those jeans have the ability to stay fit until the last weeks.

Side Panel Fit: This is the most famous maternity jeans model. It has no front and back panel issues. Only have side panels that will provide enough stretch with your growing belly.

Materials should be in your Consideration

While picking the maternity jeans don’t forget to consider the materials they use to make those jeans. In your pregnancy journey you have to wear something that is healthy and comfortable both together.

Mostly maternity jeans are designed with finest cotton materials with panels those are soft and silky. Therefore, famous brand ensures the quality and their jeans meet all the health conditions as well. But I can’t ensure you about the quality of non-branded models which are cheaply made!


Well, that’s obvious; the main purpose of wearing maternity jeans is the comfort. While purchasing try to have it a try or if you pick from the online market, go for the trusted brands. Don’t forget to know their return policy.

However, remember your belly will start growing after some weeks. So, pick one that has the ability to accommodate your growing belly. If you go for a panel style maternity jeans don’t forget to check the panel is comfy or not. Some models provide the tightest panel that can make you feel uncomfortable and suffocating.

Maternity Jeans Size

While picking size most of the women makes a mistake. They usually pick the larger size. Well, your belly will grow that’s for sure! Doesn’t mean you have to pick a larger size that doesn’t fit in your present situation.

However, you can consider the same regular size but on maternity version. Actually, maternity jeans feature elastic panels those will accommodate perfectly with your growing belly. Not to worry, just pick one with regular size on maternity version. Also remember, not all the maternity jeans have the ability to adjust to your growing belly. Check the features carefully before buying.

Style and Color  

Ultimately women’s can’t compromise on their appearance and style! While picking your maternity jeans, don’t forget to check the style. Pick on that suit with your personality.

At present, most of the manufacturers making maternity jeans that seem like normal jeans. Therefore, look the color as well. Whether the color is solid or not. Sometimes color faded after a single wash! That’s why going for a known brand is suitable. They never compromise on their quality.

Maternity jeans usually provide style with comfort. It is also easy to walk and do your regular job with jeans. And as you are wearing jeans all the time so why should you leave now?

Maternity Jeans – FAQ

What are maternity jeans?

We all are familiar with jeans. Those are stylish and everyday clothes in our wardrobe. However, maternity jeans are another version of jeans that are made especially for the pregnant women. Those jeans are constructed with safest quality materials by ensuring utmost comfort. So, those are comfortable, stylish and classy.

Who needs maternity jeans?

Women who prefer jeans the most will need maternity jeans during their pregnancy. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to compromise everything! You can wear jeans even during your pregnancy period but look for a maternity version. After all your safety and comfort is the highest priority during this time.

Are maternity jeans stylish?

Yes, those are stylish. Those are similar to regular jeans except for construction quality. Maternity jeans are made for highest comfort. During pregnancy, women need to wear something that provides comfort and support. But that doesn’t mean the designs of maternity jeans are dull. Rather some of the best maternity jeans are way cooler than the regular one. You just have to pick smartly.

Which are the best maternity Jeans at present?

The question is quite severe to answer. We enlisted 15 best maternity jeans of the present time. All of those are quite similar. They are made of high-quality fabric and harmless materials. Besides, the price range is slightly different. Overall, all of the products are worth to purchase. You have to pick one just according to your choice that’s all.

Does maternity jeans are costly?

Of course not. Even the price is quite similar to regular jeans. You can pick good quality maternity jeans under 50 dollars. However, some of the products cost more than 50 because of their design and color. You can pick one of those as well. Again it’s your own preference.

Better stay maternity jeans and be yourself. So, everything is clear and the best maternity jeans reviews also provided in order.  Now it is the time for me to leave. But not to worry about every little help Maternity Folks is always here. Don’t forget to share your opinion with us. If you have anything to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe and eat healthily.

Love for all the moms in the entire world!

Good Luck !!

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