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10 Best Maternity Jackets of 2017

I am Pregnant! Wow! But I have to give up lots of things including my style!

Don’t live in such prejudice mate! You are pregnant, not a prisoner! You can wear anything you like to but you have to be a bit careful that’s it.

Winter is a season for which people wait as they can wear beautiful and trendy clothes. Pregnant women can also wear fashionable clothes during winter. They can wear stylish maternity coats, jackets, jeans and so many things according to their need.

Today, I am here with 10 best maternity jackets for smart women. Those are stylish and very comfortable. Even those are made of skin friendly materials, so you don’t have to worry about your health as well. Let’s see what we have in here.

Best Maternity Jackets of 2017: Top 10 Picks for Mom

After weeks of research, testing, and analysis our specialist team made this list. All the products in this list are made with premium quality materials. Those jackets are entirely safe to wear during pregnancy. Even the price is quite reasonable. Why are you waiting for? Let’s have a close look at the best maternity jacket reviews quickly.

JoJo Maman Bebe Women’s Maternity Puffer Jacket with Snaps and Removable Hood

It’s a very nice maternity jacket for the moms to wear during the cold season. It’s a long sleeve jacket with a removable hoodie. It comes with a front zip to wear and remove it easily. Buttons cover the zip from outside. It’s a lined jacket and its machine washable.

Bepei® Women Long Sleeve Zip-up Hoodie Jacket with Zipper Point:

It’s a wonderful maternity jacket for the moms to wear and they come in various colors and different sizes as well. It has nice designs. It has front zip. And the neck design is just so nice.

Motherhood Button Front French Terry Maternity Jacket:
Motherhood Maternity Peacoat

It’s a very nice and trendy maternity jacket for the moms. It comes in two different colors and sizes. It has big buttons in the front to create nice design and a removable belt which can be ties according to the size of the bump.

Momo Maternity ‘Johanna’ Vegan Leather Waterfall Drape Jacket:
Momo Maternity 'Johanna' Vegan Leather Waterfall Drape Jacket

It’s a nice jacket which looks like a coat. It has front closure and panel made by Knit in the front and its full sleeve as well. It has two pockets at the top side. It’s a full leather jacket. Moms can grab it to wear during the cold season.

Danskin Maternity Loose-fit Microfleece Fleece Full Zip Jacket:
Danskin Maternity

It’s a nice maternity jacket with full zip in the front. It has collars and also has two pockets. Its machine washable and really comfortable. It’s so easy to wear.

Mamaway Women’s Maternity Baby wearing 3-in-1 Ultra-Light down Jacket:

It’s a nice maternity jacket with a baby carry pack in the front. It has a front zip closure. The colors of the jacket is so nice and it has different colors as well. It’s totally windproof. The front baby pack can be used as a cover to feed the baby easily.

Momo Maternity “Parker” Hooded Down Parka Coat:

It’s an n awesome trendy jacket for the moms, it has nice colors and sizes. It has four different pockets in the front with buttons. It has zip closure with a nice snap in it. It must be dry cleaned.

Oh Baby by Motherhood Hooded Puffer Jacket winter coat Maternity:
Oh Baby by Motherhood Hooded Puffer Jacket winter coat Maternity

It’s a nice maternity jacket with a removable belt which is tie able and adjustable according to the belly. It’s very cozy for the moms to wear. It’s highly comfortable and has two pockets.

SJSP Women’s Faux Fur Trimmed Hooded Puffer Jacket:

It’s a nice maternity jacket with a fixed hoodie in it for extra comfort. It has nice cute colors contrast and different sizes. It’s a slim fit jacket. With zipper closure in the front.

Motherhood Hooded Velour Maternity Jacket:
Maternity Jackets

This maternity jacket comes with a fixed hoodie. It has long sleeves and comfortable to wear. It and front zip as well.

Well, that’s all we have got in our best maternity jackets review list. Hope you already select one from the above list. Now, before purchasing one, you should read the buying section below.

Best Maternity Jackets Buying Guide

Well, as I already said, you can look stylish even in your maternity period. You can wear stylish coats and jackets during winter without any second thought! Wait a minute! Second thought is required actually as it is your pregnancy time. You have to be very careful regarding every little thing. Because you have to think about the child inside your tummy as well! However, concerning jackets, I already reviewed the best maternity jackets of 2017. All those products in my list are entirely safe to wear during pregnancy.

Yet, you should think about some basic things while purchasing maternity jackets. It is always wiser to do something with a complete study. Let’s have a look at the points below. This will help you a lot.

Types of Maternity Jackets

You will see lots of styles while going to buy maternity jackets. However, each type has their individual features.

You can pick military style jacket. Those are perfect for the badly cool weather. Those jackets are heavy and durable. Those are made of cotton or wool materials. Most amazing feature of military jackets is that you will see lots of pockets in there. So, those are perfect for outing activities during winter.

Another most amazing maternity jacket is puffer style. Women usually love this style jackets very much. Puffer is a short jacket that has long sleeves. Some of the puffer jackets has hood, and some doesn’t. Those are made of polyester fiber or goose materials. Those are very effective during winter.

You can also pick Shrug style jacket that are very short in size. That jacket only covers arm and shoulders. Shrug jackets actually ends at the chest or waist. Some of those come with wide sleeves some doesn’t have any sleeves. You can pick one according to your need. Those jackets are made of satin, silk, cotton, velour, lace and polyester materials.

Size of Maternity Jackets

Well, it is very important to consider about the sizing of maternity jackets. Throughout pregnancy, the female body grows a lot. That’s why it is mandatory to measure correctly. Most of the manufacturers made maternity jackets in five different sizes.

You will see XS size which is perfect for 35 inch bust and 39 inch hips, S size is perfect for 36 to 38 inch bust and 40 to 42 inch hips, M is perfect for 38 to 39.5 inch bust and 42 to 43.5 inch hips. However, if you are larger than medium, you can get L size that is perfect for 41 to 42.5 inch bust and 45 to 46.5 inch hips and XL which is perfect for 44.5 inch bust and 48.5 inch hips.


Comfort is the major consideration for women while in maternity period. However, maternity jackets are made of quality materials. Though, some of the dishonest manufacturers are made those jackets with harmful chemicals and low quality materials. Those products should be avoided strongly. Those can harm you and your upcoming baby. But it is quite tough to examine whether it is made of premium quality materials or low quality materials.

That’s why you should buy jackets from reputed brands as a recognized brand doesn’t offer any cheap quality products for their customers. To them, customer satisfaction is the key consideration.


The price of maternity jackets is quite reasonable. Though it depends on the quality and materials, they use to make the jacket. However, for a better quality, you have to spend a bit more money. it is said that you will get what you pay for.

Don’t be afraid you can be able to get one of the best maternity jackets within your budget range.

Final Words

So, that’s how our journey ends today. I already discuss the best maternity jackets and some essential buying tips. Now, pick one wisely. However, the price of those jackets is not that much. But no matter how much the amount is if you are investing you have to invest wisely.

Besides, some of the dishonest manufacturers are offering maternity jackets that are made of low quality materials and harmful chemicals. To stay safe, you have to stay away from those.

That’s why it would be better to spend your money on one of the above lists. We don’t collect any harmful product in our list. However, it totally depends on your form where to buy! But my suggestion is to think correctly before making a deal. See you soon with lots of other effective product reviews. Till then:

Keep smiling!

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