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10 Best Maternity Coats Reviews 2017

Maternity is a very sensitive time for mothers. They have to take care of a lot of things during that stage. And if its winter time then there is no other options than to think about their clothes, skin, health and what not! It’s not possible to sit in the home during winter as it’s not good for pregnancy. Moms need to work in order to be healthy. Coats are something that looks stylish in winter besides it is something that covers the whole body, gives warmth. It’s like the full package.

That’s why today we have come up with the topic best maternity coats of 2017. Later on, we will also discuss some buying tips.

There are different types Maternity Coats for the moms to wear during motherhood in winter. You will see long and short coats, coats with hoods or without hood. Also, there are extra heavy coats and light coats which moms can choose depends on the outside temperature. The designs are amazing that moms can look stunning during their pregnancy.

Best Maternity Coats Of 2017: 10 Top Picks

Team maternityfolks made a list of 10 overwhelming maternity coats of present time after some detailed research. However, we provide the most priority in the opinion of pregnant women. We talked with some of them regarding this issue. We also read some customer reviews over the internet. Then our specialist analyzed and enlisted this 10. Let’s see the best maternity coats reviews of 2017 at a glance.

Momo Maternity “Cole” Hooded Toggle Coat:

Best Maternity Coats

This is a very nice and Best Maternity Coat for the moms to wear during motherhood during the winter. It’s a very trendy coat that comes in two different colors.

It comes in different sizes. It has buttons in the front. It’s a zipped closure coat which is waist long and has toggle closure packet as well. It has a hoodie as well. It also has pockets.

Moms can wear it with skinny pair of jeans. It must be dry washed. The fabric is mostly nylon, cotton so it’s really comfortable and warn to wear. It has a lining as well.

Momo Maternity Women’s Wool Blend A-Lined Coat
Momo Maternity Women's Wool Blend A-Lined Coat

It’s a wonderful waist down maternity best winter maternity coat for the moms out there. It has large button closure which is double breasted. This makes it trendier.

It has two exterior hand pockets. It has feather patches on the elbow area. The faux are removable and has knit in the sleeves. It’s made from wool and has polyester lining. Moms can choose this maternity winter coat.

Materials: Shell: 70% wool 30% polyester; Lining: 100% polyester.

Zerlar Solid Thicken Cloths for Pregnant Women Winter Outerwear Maternity Coat

It’s a fashionable maternity coat that comes in different solid colors. It comes with a big hat, it also has windproof sleeves. It is made of feather, polyester etc.

It is down waist cost which is super comfortable and warm. It also has pocket with zippers. The front part also has zipper. Also has adjustable hems on both side as well. Moms can go for this maternity winter coat.

Momo Maternity Women’s Hooded Toggle Down Parka Coat


This cute and Best Maternity Coats comes in different sizes and colors for the sweet moms out there. It’s a jacket to wear during maternity and has a baby wearing pouch as well.

It’s really comfortable and warm. The design is so stylish and classy. It also comes with a hoodie. It has different fabrics to make it warmer. A perfect winter coat for the moms. It has pockets and buttons in front.

Momo Maternity Women’s Hooded Down Puffer Coat

Momo Maternity Women's Hooded Down Puffer Coat

If you are looking for style in your coat then you must choose this one. An absolute trendy coat that comes in solid different colors and sizes.

It has zip closure as well as toggle closure placket. Wool blend coat with a nice neck design. It also has two pockets. Its s waist down maternity coat. Young moms would love it and pick it. Woolen material of the coat made it warmer.

Modern Eternity Womens Quilted Puffer Maternity Coat

Modern Eternity Womens Quilted Puffer Maternity

An excellent high neck stylish Best Maternity Coats that comes in beautiful solid different colors foe the stylish mothers out there to enjoy motherhood with style.

It’s a shawl style coat with two-tone open. It has a button in the front to wrap it as a shawl. It can be used as a coat or jacket. It’s easy to wash, comfortable to wear and it’s highly warm. It has borders of lighter color to make it more amazing.

Momo Maternity “Kirby” Wool Blend Pleated Empire Waist Coat

Momo Maternity

It’s a very cute coat for the moms. It has two colors in one coat as a contrast which made it so amazing. It has a design in the neck which made it look cute as it looks like a bow.

It has buttons in the front. It’s a waist down coat which has back tab. It has pockets as well. It’s a double breasted front closure coat for the moms with inverted back pleat. This wool blended cost so comfortable as well.

Momo Maternity “Delia” Belted Double Breasted Trench Coat

Momo Maternity "Delia" Belted Double Breasted Trench Coat

This warm maternity coat comes with much style. It’s a wool blended coat which has a removable belt that can be tied. It has a one button neck as well.

It also has an oversized stylish collar which comes with a hood. It also has two hand pockets for the moms. It has a color block feature as well in the belt and in the cuff areas.

It has lining to make it more comfortable and warm to wear during winter as a maternity winter coat.

Happy Mama Women’s Maternity Waterfall Cardigan Blazer Knit Coat Long Wrap 277p

Happy Mama Womens Maternity Waterfall

It’s a nice long and best maternity coat for the moms. It’s a very stylish coat that comes in many different solid colors. It’s a long wrap coat with draped design feature.

It’s a long drape cardigan coat which is very and comfortable to wear during the winter. The easy blazer design takes care of the bump so well. Its fits with the body shape and perfect to wear in the evening time.

Motherhood Quilted Puffer Micro Fiber Maternity Coat

Motherhood Quilted Puffer Micro Fiber Maternity Coat

It’s a long sleeve coat that comes with hood for the moms. It’s stylish. It has button front closure so it’s easy to wear. Also has a belt to fit it with the body shape.

It’s a waist down kind of a jacket which is extremely warm. Comes in one black color and in different sizes.

Winter is a time to enjoy with warm and with the touch of fashion. Mothers who are enjoying the maternity time usually suffer as they cannot find the perfect winter maternity coat. But now they don’t have to search for them anymore. They can pick one from these 10 Best Maternity Coats of 2017 and make themselves satisfied.

Buying Guide for the Best Maternity Coats

Well, you already saw the options in the above list. Hope you already choose one from our best maternity coat reviews. Now, before you purchase one, I want to remind you about some essential things you should consider closely.

Though all the products in our panoply are amazing and made of quality materials that doesn’t mean you just pick one randomly without any consideration. See the buying guide at a glance and judge which one is suitable for you and which one you should avoid.

Consider the Materials

This is the first thing you should consider while purchasing maternity coats. Pregnancy is a crucial time. Women should be very careful in every little fact during this time. While purchasing coat you have to consider a coat that is made of skin friendly materials. On the other hand, you are purchasing coats because of cold during winter season. So consider one that can keep you warm. Most of the best maternity coats in our panoply are made of premium quality skin friendly materials. Usually, maternity coats are made of wool, shell, polyester and lining materials.

Consider Type

Maternity coats come in various types. You will see long coats, short coats, hoody and without hoody design. It is up to you to pick one according to your personality. However, hoody design will keep your head and ear warm during winter time. But some people feel suffocation with a hoody. Therefore, long coats usually cover most of your tummy area so that people don’t realize your pregnancy. On the contrary, short coats don’t offer that much coverage. But short coats are pretty stylish don’t forget that!  That’s why I said it totally depends on you!

Think about Size

During pregnancy, it is one of the most confusing things. However, at present designers make it clear and simple. All you have to do is, you have to pick one according to your pre-pregnancy size but in the maternity version. Simple isn’t it? But don’t purchase a maternity version in one size larger by thinking that your body will grow after a couple of weeks. It is a mistake that most of the women do. Maternity size will adjust with your growing body. You can follow this rule for all the maternity clothes.

Color and Design

Who actually wear maternity coats? Those who don’t want to sacrifice their style even if they are in their maternity period. Color and design is the most important thing regarding this issue. Maternity coats come in different colors and design. You can pick one according to your choice. To me, black color is perfect for any situation. You can also pick red, white, navy blue and so on.

Final Words

Lastly, Women are independent! And being pregnant is their choice! So, you don’t have to give up all your style and comfort zone. You can stay stylish even during your pregnancy period.

Maternity Coats is something that keeps the women classy during winter and let them stay warm as well. But for that, you have to pick one of the best maternity coats according to your personality type.

We already showed you all the finest and cost effective maternity coat options. Choose one wisely and stay stylish. We will meet again soon with lots of pregnancy essentials. Till then:

Stay blessed!


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