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11 Soothing Baby Changing Pad Cover and Liners 2017 for Best Moms

Do you want to be the best mom in the world?

Do you want to take your task of changing diapers on your baby to a whole new level?

Well, I will assume your answer is yes. Isn’t it?

Can you feel something irritating in your nose? Oh yes, I can. The smell of your baby’s overflowing diaper. Disgusting, huh! You rush to the changing table to fix the mess and alas! No a best changing pad. What a disappointment that is!

The significance of changing pad can’t be described in words. But to keep the changing pad neatly and cleanly, best changing pad cover and liners are what you will need the most.

A good changing pad cover or line protects the pad from any messes. If the cover or liner gets dirty or soiled, just put it in the washer. As simple as that! On the other hand, a top changing pad covers come in different designs and colors that can attract the baby to stay on the pad.

That’s why we are here with the topic best changing pad covers and liners for babies of 2018. Read the reviews carefully. See, which design and type attract you the most. We also discuss some buying tips below. Don’t forget to have a look.

Best Baby Changing Pad Cover: 7 Picks

Before settling on what changing pad cover is appropriate for a baby, we did a detailed research, and surprisingly, there are so many of them to choose from. A great mother anyway knows what is best for their child so below; we will point out the best, and you can try them out. We promise you will not be disappointed.

Summer Infant Ultra Plush Changing Pad Cover


The ultra plush Changing Pad Cover is made of extremely soft and comfortable fabric, namely Velboa. This fabric mostly uses a baby blanket and plush dolls. This pad is very colorfast, comfortable and machine-washable. This cover fits most standard changing pads, up to 16 x 32 inch. According to to our research, this is one of the top 3 best Changing Pads in our list.

Summer Infant Ultra Plush Character Changing Pad Cover


Monkey Pad Cover is the most entertaining changing pad cover at present. It is so funny to see. This changing cover is machine washable, made from the soft polyester material which keeps your baby warm and comfortable. This cover fits most standard changing pads, up to 16 x 32 inches.

Burt’s Bees Baby Organic changing pad cover


This is a completely organic cotton changing pad. When I say completely, I mean 100%. Can you imagine that royal feeling your baby will get from this? How about that beautiful smile that would be crafted on his or her face? I get attached too much.

These pads are tender to the baby’s skin and fun to wash. Don’t like cleaning? You are sorted out now. Try this on your little one’s changing table as smile your way through the process.


Burt’s Bees Baby Solid Changing Pad Cover


That bee word in the pad cover caught my attention. Bees in real life give us honey. They sting though but in this life, look at the positive side of things. So I pick honey.  This product nurtures your child softly and naturally considering it is 100% organic cotton.

Take proper care of your baby and let them enjoy every second of their early age. I would want my baby to relax and enjoy every moment with the rest of the family members. That feeling of love and affection is important.

Ziggy Baby Changing Pad Cover


Well, the name itself sounds fancy. Ziggy. Like some well-known celeb. A guitarist or is she a rock star? Forget about that. This cover is made from 100% jersey knitted cotton that gives the baby a very comfortable surface to lie on.

If you want to purchase this, you are at an advantage as your baby will enjoy the changing process. My baby cries when I get her off the changing table. Kids though, always amazing. I think she knows how classy the covers are. She must be a genius.


 Trend Lab Northwoods Changing Pad Cover


Make the process of changing your baby’s diapers glamorous by buying this particular cover. These were not only meant for the babies on the movies but also for you, the one who does not appear on the screen.

This pad cover features a pinecone brown and deep red check print. Very beautiful.  It is fully elasticized offering a sleek fit to contoured changing pads that allow you to effectively comfort your baby as you do the changing. It also protects the changing pad keeping it clean.


Burt’s Bees Baby Bold Stripe Organic Changing Pad Cover


This is 100% organic cotton that is gentle to your baby’s skin. Do not be afraid of being experimental, so when shopping for your baby, make a stop at the pad cover section and grab this one. Their high demand at times makes them less available in small shops, so you have to visit a mall or something like.

It includes a mix of gentle solids, very gentle, and appealing prints for an outstanding nursery for the gorgeous baby who will lie on it. This is a perfect combination that you just do not want to miss out. I love it so be sure you will join me too. That calls for a celebration.


American Baby Company Contoured Changing Pad Cover


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to use any product made from the richest nation? I bet we all do. I adore that. Any chance I get to purchase anything, even the tiniest ones, I make proper use of it. Opportunities never last anyway.

You might be lucky enough someday to purchase this classy covers. Pray harder and if you never pray, begin now. This cover finishes up the baby’s nursery in a stylish manner that will leave you happy yourself. So make sure you get some before your child gets big enough to do the changing themselves.


Best Changing Pad Liners: 3 Picks

Bamboo Changing Pad Liners


Advance your changing process by purchasing these amazing pad liners. Made from an amazing material, bamboo fiber, it is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial.  It is very gentle on the baby’s delicate skin hence you do not have to worry about infections after using these liners.

These premium quality quilted liners are padded to enhance your baby’s comfort. They are absorbent and have a long lasting waterproof non-toxic TPU bottom layer that has no vinyl. They offer superior protection from the most unexpected nappy off tinkle that is always ill-timed. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you when having your scrumptious dinner cradling your baby in your hands.

Unlike most liners, Bamboo liners are reusable and at the same time durable. They are 4 in a pack to ensure that there is an option in case a change is needed however urgently.  They can also stand being machine washed which saves much time.

If you are the busy mom, consider this in your next shopping to ensure that you spend ample time with your child other than having to do laundry. Your baby needs you, the connection and most importantly the motherly love.


Bieskin Changing Pad Liners


Being that hygienic mother requires you to have a Pad liner. However, do not spend your money buying disposable liners when you can purchase this machine washable liners.  You should also feel free to throw them in the dryer. Great. This will make them come out so clean and fresh. Did I forget to say they will be much softer? Yes, they will.

These liners come in a pack of 3 liners in a plastic zipper bag.  One can never be enough. Generously, there is a free baby washcloth. Saves you some dollars since you don’t have to purchase a new one. Thanks to the great manufacturers of these brandy pad liners.

Munchkin Waterproof Changing Pad Liners

Munchkin Waterproof Changing Pad LinersThis Munchkin Waterproof Changing Pad Liner is one of the most popular among the parent all over the world. It is one of the best selling products on the Amazon that is made of premium quality polyester materials. It is a multi pack changing pad liner that will provide the highest level of protection and maximum comfort.

This Liner has PVC free backing that helps provide comfort to your child during diaper changing activity. The design and color are decent. it is ideal for imply in changing pads, bassinets and on the go. Therefore, it is machine washable so you don’t have to take any kind of hassle while cleaning. It is made in the USA so don’t panic about the quality.


How to choose Changing Pad Cover and Liner

Before you settle on a particular brand of changing pad covers and liners, consider some things that might end up weighing you out and regretting why you purchased them. Be keen and choose the best guided by things stated below.

Besides, I am not going to discuss profound details like how they manufactured in the factory, which things the manufacturer used to design baby changing pads and liners. Rather, I am here to simplify your purchasing activity by providing some striking points. Read these tips below for getting the best changing pad cover and liner in your budget:

Consider About Your Budget

If you compare with other baby essentials like the stroller, clothes, breast pump, toys and so on, covers and liners are inexpensive. You don’t need to invest a massive amount of dollars. However, it is recommended to purchase three to five covers and liners to switch out in between washes. Don’t panic; it will not cost much as you are wondering. You will be surprised after seeing the price.

Think About the Materials

You have to put the baby on the changing pad couple of times a day. Therefore, baby skin is susceptible. So, it is wiser to consider about the materials of liner and covers firmly. You will see lots of covers and liners that are made of baby friendly materials. Those covers will provide the maximum comfort a baby need. You have to be concern about the materials your baby is allergic of. You should always stay away from those materials. However, I am not telling you to dig up profoundly for materials. You just have to know whether the materials are safe or not.


While purchasing anything for baby, vision or appearance is one of the most key things to consider. You will see lots of cover and liner options in the market with different design and colors. Pick the color that attracted the kid most.

Consider About Absorbability

While choosing a changing pad cover, it is wiser to look waterproof option. Well, your baby may pee on the changing pad. If it doesn’t have water repel ability your baby may feel uncomfortable.


Try to pick covers that are machine washable. Well, you have to clean it up frequently. You don’t want to experience any hassle in cleaning activity. That’s why try to pick one that is machine washable.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question: Does baby changing pad cover worth it?

Answer: It depends on the view of the mom. I mean changing pads cushioned the baby and protect it. Where pad covers and liners usually protect the pad from dirt and dust. If you cover up the pad with a cover, your baby-changing pad will last more.

Question: What type of cover and liner should I buy?

Answer: You should pay attention to the softness at first. It is for your baby so comfort is a major concern. However, always try to pick a cover that doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or materials included.

Question: What are the best baby-changing pad covers and liners brand?

Answer: For baby changing pad cover and liners you can consider Summer Infant, Burt’s Bees etc as the best baby changing pad covers brand.

Question: Is baby-changing pad covers and liners are pricey?

Answer: Not really. But for a better quality, you have to spend a bit more. That’s obvious but that doesn’t mean it will cross the limit of your range.

Question: Is it tough to clean baby changing pad covers and liner?

Answer: Depends. Some of the baby-changing pad covers and liners are machine washable. If you pick anything like that you don’t have to take hassle in cleaning.

Final Words

Keeping your baby clean and comfortable should be what you prioritize on every day. All you need to do is ensure that you got all the necessary items and products of which changing pad covers and liners are not an exception.

I already gave you my secret of the changing pad covers that I use for my baby, but it will not hurt if you choose to use either of the remaining in the above list. My research having been well done will not be a disappointment if you read it carefully. Note; read carefully.

Before you buy any changing pad cover, also consider the given things on the information above. This will help you save some money in the process since you do not have to throw away the pad covers before they spoil.

For those who do not shop manually, the changing pad covers and liners listed above are all available online so that you can shop from anywhere even when enjoying the warmth of your bed. Most of the online shopping lines also do free deliveries while others deliver at a cost. So, you can as well choose one which delivers for free and saves up some coins.

Give your baby the royal treatment and enjoy that smile on his or her angelic face.

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