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Best Night Light For Baby – Reviews and Buying Guide

best baby night light Reviews & Buying Guide

Occasionally, the ticket to a good night sleep lies on a perfect night light. Their pacifying ambiance compels babies to slumber, and their sufficient illumination helps you check on baby without the need of switching on the big lights.

There are so many night lights in the market today. Choosing the best night light for baby can be challenging, especially if you have little consciousness of what you want.

 Best Night Light for Baby: Reviews and Buying Guide

I have done extensive research on the best night light color and best night light projectors which have extended my familiarity with the same and subsequently prepared a comprehensive editorial for you. Below are quality night lights, tried, tested and assured to help keep the little ones calm and rested.

Emotionlite Pack LED Night Light

The Emotionlite pack LED night light is a special night light. It produces a slightly warm white glow that has a calming effect which is comfortable by not being too bright nor being too dim. Enough for you to find your way through the dark and still be easy on your eyes.

The Emotionlite also has an intelligent and eco-friendly sensor which activates in darkness and off during the day or when you switch on your overhead lamp.

In addition to this, the night light is energy efficient. This makes it a great bargain for your bedroom ambiance.


  • It’s easy to use
  • Has a soft, warm glow for ease on eyes
  • Multi-application
  • Its energy saving
  • Build in intelligent and eco-friendly


  • Not as bright


Amazing Cosmos Projector Night Lamp

The Amazing Cosmos Projector Night Lamp is as amazing as it sounds. If you have seen the cosmos projection of this night lamp, then you know what I am talking about. Such projections create interest in children in regards to the universe and astronomy.

In collaboration with this starry projection, the model illuminates different colors and creates such a magnificent atmosphere on your child’s bedroom. Not only is this suitable for your child but also your significant other.



  • It is brighter
  • Has brighter colors
  • Has a quiet humming noise
  • Users can change colors


  • Short cable
  • Some turn-off and on at random


Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection

The Summer Infant slumber buddies projection is one of a kind night lamp for your kid’s bedroom. A unique thing about it is the starry sky projection on your ceiling and walls of the room. You also have the choice of a rhythmic light show of relaxing colors.

Shut off time can also be set from 15, 30 and 45 minutes this is according to your baby’s ability to catch sleep quick. This makes it one of the best baby night light projectors in the business.

Did I mention the summer infant has songs and nature sounds capability? You can only find this in one, the summer infant model. I am sure you will love it.



  • Easy rests
  • Has calming sounds
  • Variety of displays
  • Has timers and you can set off after preferred periods
  • Affordable


  • It’s still very loud at its lowest volume
  • It’s very bright


Lizber Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector

The Lizber Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector is one of the best baby night light projectors you will ever come across. The projector illuminates vivid red, green and white stars, the best night light colors swirling and twinkling in the bedroom of your toddler.

The Lizber baby night light also has multiple color options. You can select up to 9 different colors. Furthermore, the model can rotate, giving your baby a very nice view and raise chances for them to fall into a slumber. The choice to plug in and use batteries comes in handy with this device.



  • Soothing light
  • Customizable with its 3 button control
  • More choice in terms of colors
  • It’s quiet and small
  • Inexpensive


  • Has no timer


Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light

The cloud b twilight constellation night light is a revolutionary product for the night light industry. The projection on the ceiling displays a starry night sky that will soothe the child to sleep soundly.

With time, it can also help children do away with their fear of darkness. With this atmosphere on your child’s bedroom, your child will retire to a peaceful slumber effortlessly.

Apart from that, the cloud b also has three soothing color options that add magic to the kid’s bedroom. This unit is recommended by pediatricians for kids from age two and adults too.



  • Projects a starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of the room
  • Has three soothing colors for a magical display
  • Affordable
  • Constellation light makes it attractive


  • Some users have found the units faulty


SOAIY LED Night Light

With the SOAIY LED Night Light, bumping into stuff while in the dark is a thing of the past. The Soaiy has a produces a soft glow that will help you walk through your house. It is a perfect choice over the large, intense lamps that may damage your eyes.

Moreover, these night lights have sensors that are automatic. These lamps sense dark and switch on all by themselves. They also switch off upon daylight to minimize energy consumption of the unit. They also ensure maximum energy is saved.



  • Has a warm white softness
  • Safe
  • Has a smart sensor highly sensitive to light
  • Affordable
  • Small size and high-quality metal


  • They stay on even in daylight


ANTEQI Carton Night Light

The Anteqi Carton Night Light is one of the newest night lighting lamp in the market today. It is equipped with a timer and tap light control ability that ease control of the unit. You can time shut down in three level, 15, 30 and 60 minutes.

The lamp comes with a lovely kitty face made by a washable soft silicone to maintain cleanness. The remote control that can be used within 26ft to choose colors or mode makes this item a plus for me. This model can also add brilliance to your home décor and a gift for your loved ones.



  • Has a timer
  • Remote control switch makes easy control
  • You can choose from its 3 modes the color and mode you need
  • More convenient for operation
  • Portable


  • Some units don’t have their cable able to plug in


ANGTUO Night Light LED Mushroom Lamp Silicone

The ANGTUO Night Light LED Mushroom Lamp Silicone is made to resemble the shape of a Mushroom. The model is made from high-quality rubberwood and emits a soft and warm light that lets the children sleep in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

The unit can emit as many as 16 flashing colors and are stable and bright enough for you to see clearly and still sleep well. This makes it one of the best night light colors. In addition to this, it has a remote controller which batteries can be changed.



  • There are about 16 colors to choose from
  • Looks simple and elegant
  • Produces soft and warm lights for kids
  • Remote controlled
  • Affordable


  • Not very stable


ZEEFO Retro LED Night Light

One of the most outstanding designs in the night light business is the Zeefro retro LED night light. The model has an ergonomic design and is a lightweight, making it easy for portability in your home.

The motion sensor in this unit is automatic. It turns off during the day and on during night time as well. For this reason, you won’t have to search around for a switch. The light is also soothing enough to create a suitable atmosphere for you.



  • It is automatic, and light won’t light up during the day
  • It is lightweight and hence portable
  • Has a motion sensor for automatic operation
  • Energy-efficient
  • Beautiful design


  • Dim light may not be sufficient and convenient for everyone


SOAIY Christmas Gift Night Light Lamp

The SOAIY Christmas Gift is a night light lamp with a diamond projector. This is made to resemble real life aurora borealis on the ceiling or wall in darkness. This theme creates an enjoyable and relaxing bedtime experience for kids. The romantic and cozy atmosphere achieves a mental and physical relaxation for adults.

The night lamp also has a music feature with a built in speaker that has adjustable volume for an ideal volume at night. The lamp’s automatic shut off is also an admirable feature in this unit. It shuts off on its own and is convenient. The SOAIY Christmas lamp is also affordable, and you have no reason not to get one.



  • Automatic shut-off means it can shut itself off on its own
  • Soothing light makes it convenient for a romantic, leisure and cozy atmosphere
  • Well-constructed with a large sound from speaker
  • Inexpensive
  • Well designed


  • Not as bright


Romantic Rotating Cosmos Star Sky Moon Projector

With the invention of night light technology, innovations have not ceased. One of the most recent works is the Romantic Rotating Cosmos Star Sky Moon Projector and Rotation Night Projection for Children Kids Bedroom that has eight modes of operations. This projector displays moon and stars on the ceiling of the bedroom. This gives the bedroom stunning looks that will sooth the baby to sleep.

The lamp itself is made from PVC which are high-quality materials which make the model as durable as possible for long lasting. The ABS materials are also environmental friendly. You will also find it lightweight and easy to operate.

Finding a rival to this night light lamp is hard. I find it ideal for relaxing and meditating, even for the kids who at the end of the day deserves a much-needed rest. The unit easily is one of the nest baby night light projectors. I highly approve it.



  • Has eight modes of operations
  • It is bright
  • Beautiful design
  • Durable and high quality
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials
  • Affordable


  • Batteries don’t last long


Crazywan Kids Small Night Light

The Crazywan Kids Small Night Light will help you find your way at night. This unit is convenient for the users because of its small and not too bright light coming out of it. Apart from this, the lamp is really environmental friendly with the Covenov night light feature.

The Crazywan also has light sensors that turn light on automatically when dusk sets in, saving you the energy in switching on and off again. The manufacturers of the model made sure it’s as safe as possible for the kids. They made it from ABS and PS materials which are non-toxic materials and emit no heat from it. This is just perfect for the kids to play around.

The item has a really beautiful design that I’m sure you will love. You can even get it as a nice gift to kids. This unit will decorate your bedroom, hallway, bathroom or any other space you want to place it.



  • Very cute design makes it suitable to be given as a gift
  • Has a light sensor that automatically goes off during the day and back on when it’s dark
  • Perfect amount of light at night
  • Two modes of sound and light activation
  • Environmental friendly


  • Instructions are in Chinese


SHAVA Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Table Lamp

Controlling music on a night light can be hard. You will have to wake up and press the button. But with the SHAVA Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Touch Control Color LED Bedside Table Lamp, Speakerphone, this is not the case. This unit comes with Bluetooth chip that connects seamlessly and with all Bluetooth devices.

Apart from this fact, it has noise cancellation ability. The night light also has different color light changes where you can choose from a variety of colors. The beat of the music playing changes the color of the music, and this makes the whole experience soothing and romantic.

It’s a one of a kind device. It’s very rare to find such abilities in a night lamp, when you find one, make sure to buy it.



  • Bluetooth capability
  • Is compatible with all Bluetooth devices
  • Color changes with the beat of music
  • Bright enough


  • Is loud


What To Consider When Buying A Baby Night Light

You might want to consider the following before the purchase of a night light lamp. Taking note of the following points will help you pick the best night light for your baby.

Power Outlet

The source of power is such an important factor when selecting a suitable night light. A battery powered lamp is ideal for users who may not have power outlets in their homes. Otherwise, check the length of the cord of the night light in mind. This is for the reason that some come with a short length cord that may prove useless if your power outlet is further from your ideal place of placing.

Light Color

There is a wide variety of colors when it comes to night lights. Depending on your taste and that of your baby, you can choose a favorable color. There are also arrays of light effects. The most common one is red color which gives the baby a sunset impression to make them fall into a peaceful slumber and also remain in sleep for long.

Timer Feature

Most of the night lights I have reviewed have a timer. Timers are important when it comes to convenience. Once the night light is on, your baby should fall asleep within a few minutes. You cannot control the time the baby falls asleep, and you can, however, control the time the lamp goes off by setting the timer.

Replace Ability

It is very disappointing when you can’t find a replacement for your blown bulb. Be vigilant as some may be very hard to find a similar bulb. It is hence important to settle on a model that uses common bulb that is easy to find. This will ensure continual use of the night lamp.

Light Brightness

Light brightness may easily pass as one of the most important factors when choosing a night light for your bedroom. Too much brightness may bring problems to your eyes or your kid’s while not bright enough light may not serve its purpose well. Find a soothing light that is not too bright and not too dim for your use.

Final Verdict

I have reviewed only the best night lights that you will find in the market today. I have even gone out of my way to explain a few factors that should be of key concern to you when looking for a perfect night light.

With this information now at your fingertips, choosing one now shouldn’t be a hard task. I am confident that you will settle on an ideal nightlight for your home depending on what you specific need. Or better yet, one of the above has already caught your attention.

Good Luck!!

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