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5 Baby Mobile for your Boss Baby

Few days ago, I watched ‘The Boss Baby’ film. A baby is wearing formal clothing and ordering others! Quite a fun that movie was! While watching, I assumed a baby indeed is a boss in the home. You definitely know if you have a kid around you. Those who do not have kids will understand someday. Are you wondering why?

When a newborn arrives, he or she seize all your attention. Your days will spend by thinking about the kid, by nurturing it, by feeding it, by thinking about its health and by entertaining it. And, if it started crying! Oh ho! I cannot describe the feeling! Your life will become the life your baby. Dear Parents, I have a gift for you, which will instantly stop the kid from crying. Wanna know what is it? It is a baby mobile.

A baby mobile is actually a hanging object that contains different types of toys to entertain your baby. A newborn spent the majority of its time by lying on the back. If you hang a baby mobile in front of the kid, it will entertain him and keep him away from tears!

Today we are here with some of the best baby mobile of 2017. Read out the detail reviews and know the factors you should consider before a deal. Let’s get started the complete parent guide for a better baby mobile.Best Baby Mobile Reviews

Best Baby Mobile Reviews: Our Champions

We have a common pattern while reviewing anything for kids. Kids are sensitive, no offense. So, while picking anything for them, massive care is mandatory. That’s why we always go through 3 different assessment before reviewing anything for kids. We first take opinion from parents who used those products, after that, we consult with child specialist for the health issue.

Finally, we visited the market to check out the product physically. Besides, we also read customers feedback on the Amazon. So, if I pick this 5, there are no other options that can stand up against these. Let’s see the best baby mobile reviews in detail.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

The Fisher-Price Precious Projection Mobile will keep your baby calm and entertained. It comes with lots of standard features including sweet music, soothing light and so on. This mobile can keep your baby entertained for hours, and it will forget to cry. The construction of this mobile is sturdy with child-friendly materials. Therefore, it is easy to install. Installation needs only a few seconds.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection MobileThe mobile is colorful that attracted the baby so much. Besides, it comes with various animals and soothing light show. The baby will forget crying while watching this mobile. This mobile runs with the help of 4D batteries. You can control it with a remote that needs 2 AAA battery. Besides, there is versatility in music as well. You can entertain your baby about 20 minutes with various funny sounds.

Striking Points

Music Setting: it has 3 different music setting that plays 20 minutes at a time. You can get heartbeat sound, nature sound, ocean sound, white noise womb sound, Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven. Know the preference of your baby and play the music according to that.

Brain Development: This projection mobile comes with four plush animal toys that will teach your baby to focus and improve healthy visual development.

Night Light: Has projection night light included. Night-lights are fascinating and soothing. It will keep the attention of your kid and help it to sleep well.

Control: it operates with a nice remote control. Remote control requires a battery, which you have to purchase separately.

Spin: The mobile spin in a circle so that the baby can see each of the animals like a slide show.


The price is also acceptable for such quality. Your kid will surely love this baby mobile. Give it a try and share your opinion.

Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Mobile

The Tiny Love Take Along Mobile is another fantastic addition in our best baby mobile panoply. It took place in the second, so obviously it has some specialty. The unique feature of this product is that it is portable. Your baby can take it everywhere he or she goes. First, let’s talk about the construction. It is constructed with premium quality materials that are not harmful to kids. So, it is entirely safe to use.

Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along MobileNow, it is time to have a little chitchat about the design. The appearance surely will attract your baby in a positive way. The manufacturer added lots of colors while making this mobile. And it is a universal theory that kids have true affection for colors. Besides, it comes with funny hanging toys.

Those toys will provide visual stimulation. Besides, those toys will keep spinning so that the kid can see each toy. Rotation speed is decent and smooth as well. It is a versatile mobile that can be attached to play-yards, strollers, and bassinets.

Striking Points

Design: The design is very colorful. It is pleasant to watch. There are 3 different toys included that is a birds, cats, and mouse. The kid will definitely in love with this mobile.

Music System: Offers 30 minutes of continuous music with 5 different melodies. All the melodies are soothing, so it will amuse your little one. You can play music while the mobile is spinning or you can stop the music according to your wish.

Versatile: Versatility is the most amusing feature of this best baby mobile. It can attach to play-yards, strollers, pack n play, and so on.

Portable: this mobile is extremely portable because of the size and weight of this product. Your baby can take it with him anywhere he visits.


It is a universal product that is loved by lots of babies. You can pick this for your kid and see the magic. Your love will forget to cry that’s for sure.

VTech Baby Soothing Ocean Slumbers Mobile

Actually, what features make a baby mobile the best in the market? The best baby mobile must have an adorable design, entertaining music, and soothing light projections. Also, the product must be well made. If you consider those in terms, the VTech Baby Soothing Ocean Slumbers Mobile is what you are looking for. With all those features, it will keep your baby to stay calm and sleep well.

VTech Baby Soothing Ocean Slumbers MobileIt is a two in one! Don’t get it? Well, you can use this VTech Baby Slumbers Mobile even after your baby grows. It can be transformed as a crib toy anytime you wished. Overall, construction is fine with premium quality baby friendly materials. The design attracted the baby so much. It is formulated with brightly colored ocean animals.

Furthermore, it can project an ocean themed picture onto the ceiling. The music is also soothing and relaxing. It not only keep your baby calm but also helps it to fall asleep quickly.

Striking Points

Projection Mobile: this baby mobile not only provides soothing light but also projects ocean themed graphics on the wall. Your baby will love it and spend lots of time with it.

Design: Lots of color makes it adorable. Besides, it is designed with various ocean animals, which is cute as I assume. Overall, the design is good for babies.

Music: it plays 45 different types of sound, music, song, melodies, and phrases. Learn the taste of your baby and play according to that. Besides, it has soft music included that helps the baby to sleep quickly.

Multiple Uses: When your baby grows, the mobile will seems to be useless! Well, forget that idea. You can use it even after your baby grows by transforming it into crab toys.

Spin: This mobile is battery operated and rotates at a sound speed. The baby can watch 4 ocean animals one after another. It offers a gentle spinning motion.


If you judge it by built quality and features, you will be amazed by the price. It comes with a reasonable price range in comparison to its class. You can try it and make a soothing nursery environment at your home.

Tiny Love Take Along Animal Friends Mobile

This Animal Friends Tiny Love Take Along Mobile is one of the best sellers on the Amazon. Surely, it is special. What is the specialty of this baby mobile? Let me explain. First, this mobile help your child in emotional development increases communication skill and sense. Second, it will keep your baby calm and keep it away from crying. The construction of this mobile is fantastic. Besides, the design is eye catching as well. The baby will bound to it that is what I can assure you.

Tiny Love Take Along Mobile Animal FriendsIt is colorful. Also, it is lightweight. So, your baby can take it everywhere it wish to. Therefore, it is a multiple use mobile that fits in Pack ‘n Play, play yards, travel cribs, infant car seats, strollers, and bassinets. Therefore, it provides soothing sounds and melodies of about 30 minutes. Your baby will stay calm that’s what I can guarantee you.

Striking Points

Portable: this product though a bit large in size but yet it’s lightweight. You can carry it while on going somewhere. Besides, it fits perfectly in pack ‘play, play yards, changing table, infant seat, and so on.

Design: The manufacturer makes it attractive with lots of color combination. Babies will love the animals that spin and come forward one after another.

Music: The music it provides is also calm and relaxing. It offers a variety of sounds. After 30 minutes of play, music will turn off automatically. It seems the smartest feature to me.


It is actually similar to the Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Mobile, but the difference is in the dimension. This one is lightweight but larger. So, you can pick any of them according to the size you feel comfortable for your kid.

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile for Cribs

Do you want to develop the visual of your baby from the early age? You don’t need to give effort for that! All you have to do is pick the Manhattan Toy Wimmer Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile for Cribs and see the magic. We placed award-winning products in your best baby mobile review article. To me, it is one of the smartest baby mobiles that helps to develop the brain of a kid.

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile for CribsThe design is unique. I am not saying it is the most adorable. If you want something adorable, you can look above. Nevertheless, if you want to make your child smart, this one has no exception. It will teach the baby about the contrast and colors.

It comes with ten interchangeable cards that have both simple and complex patterns and graphics. You have to use those graphics card according to the age range. Don’t worry you will see labels on the cards so that you can easily imply them to your kid.

Striking Points

Visual Development: It comes with ten interchangeable graphic cards offer a range of simple images to more complex colored patterns and graphics. Those graphics cards are labeled by age. Those will develop the brain and visual of your kid.

Adjustable Cords: It comes with an adjustable cord so that you can easily change the distance of the cards.

Design: it has no fascinating design or music included. Simple black and white cards are the key elements in this mobile.


For developing the brain of your kids in a positive way, this one has no parallel. However, it has no fancy design or attractive music, but it will surely make your child smart. Besides, it is one of the best baby mobiles for the money. Try it and see what happens.

After reading the reviews of best baby mobile 2017, I want to ask what your feeling is? I presume your feeling is good, but still, you have some other things to know. In that case, we have a buying guide section below. There we discussed the basics of a baby mobile. You should certainly read that section for a wise deal.

Think Before You Buy a Baby Mobile

I think baby mobile is a necessary item for a new born. It keeps the baby calm, entertains it, and helps to develop the brain. But to get the utmost benefit, you have to pick one of the best baby mobile from the market. Now the question is how do you know which one is the best?

Besides, there are lots of option in the market with lots of features and price range. While picking a baby mobile, your first duty is to assure the taste of your baby. You can’t buy animal design baby mobile if your child scared of them. Besides, you should know some specific factor. What are those let me tell you:

Ceiling Mounted VS Crib Mounted

Ceiling Mounted was the only baby mobile type before. Those have to attach to the roof of your house with a screw or hook. That is why those are known as ceiling mounted baby mobile. Therefore, installing, and uninstalling is quite a hassle for those models. Besides, those are not portable.

On the contrary, crib mounted baby mobile is that latest type. Those attach to infants crib. You can install them in a second. Those can be carried anywhere you wish to. At present, people are grabbing this type widely.

So, you have to decide which one you need. My recommendation is on crib-mounted baby mobile. Those are hassle free to install and portable.

Rotation System

You have to consider the rotation system of the baby mobile. It is essential as well. Baby mobile can spin in two different styles. There is wind-operated baby mobile that does not need any power source. Those are lightweight and simply movies with the help of air. However, the problem is those do not move all the time. You have to depend on the wind.

You can also pick motor operated baby mobiles those movies without the help of wind. You can play them with a push button or remote control. However, those models need batteries. But the positive sight is that you can play it whenever it requires. Those are also known as electric baby mobiles. You should pick a mechanically operated model for your baby.

Music System

You have to consider the music system as well. Most of the baby mobiles come with a music box that includes tons of different sounds and melodies. But music box also runs with two different systems. One is wind operated, and another one is mechanical operated.

Wind operated music box required wind movement while mechanically operated music box run with the push of a button. Consider which type you need. However, some of the baby mobiles don’t have music box included. If you do not want a music box, you don’t have to consider how it plays.

Additional Features

Different types of baby mobile have different types of features. If you want to pick the best baby mobile for your kid, you have to consider them as well. Some of the advanced models have projection night light that even can projects image on the wall or ceiling. Your baby will be pleased with this feature.

Also, consider while the toys are removable or not. If you want to make it, useful even after your baby grows you should pick one that featured removable toys system. Some of the mobile glow in the dark and soothing melodies for sound sleeps.

However, it is unfortunate that none of the baby mobiles has all those features included. You have to decide which feature is necessary for your kid.

Baby Mobile Safety Tips

You should purchase a baby mobile by considering those above features. Those will help you to pick one of the best baby mobile from the market. However, there are some certain tips you should look for the safety of your child. Let me tell you those safety tips at a glance:

You have to be careful about the mobile hangs. It must be out of reach of your baby. Otherwise, the baby can tangle up in the toys. It can hurt the baby anyway.

You have to assure that the mobile is securely hanging. Otherwise, it can hurt the baby. If the mobile is loose, it can fall into the head of your baby. You will not accept that!

Always keep the mobile neat and clean. It is highly important. Otherwise, germs and bacteria can grow there. This will make the baby sick.

Universal Question and Answers About Baby Mobile

Q: Why should I purchase a baby mobile?

Ans: I want to answer this question with a question that is ‘why do you buy toys for your kid?’ to entertain and keep him calm. Yes, baby mobile is a kind of toy. It can keep the baby relaxed.

Q: How many days a baby mobile last?

Ans: Days? Are you kidding with me! It lasts years without any hassle. Though proper maintenance is required.

Q: Which type of baby mobile should I pick?

Ans: You should pick battery-operated baby mobile. Those will give you freedom. I mean, if you pick a wind-operated baby mobile, you have to depend on the movement of the air.

Q: Can I control music volume of baby mobile?

Ans: Yes, you can control the volume of your baby mobile. Depending on the model you will see lots of different level of volume adjustment.

Q: Is a baby mobile is expensive?

Ans: Absolutely not! You can pick one of the best baby mobile even if you have tight budget. However, though some of the baby mobile is a bit costly. but it depends on the feature It has.

Final Words

I assume by now you are a pro in baby mobile. I discussed everything regarding baby mobiles. I also reviewed 5 best baby mobiles of 2017. Now, the ball is in your end. Shot and make a goal.

The price of baby mobiles is not that much. However, some of the manufacturers are making cheap quality baby mobiles. You should stay away from those. Even if it costs more, you should go with a recognized brand.

Lastly, take care of your child. It is sensitive. Anything can harm it. Stay careful and try to develop its mental growth positively. We will meet again soon with lots of other effective product reviews and nurturing tips. Till then:

Stay Happy!

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