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Best 10 Pregnancy Journal Which Every Mom Must Have

As a writer, I know how it feels to write! Writing is something that can relieve stress. It can take you to a peaceful divine place. Like, I am much tensed right now for some personal issues, and after completing this topic, I will feel free and calm. Actually, it happens to me! Not for me, it happens for lots of people out there.

It is known that during pregnancy, women go through lots of hormonal changes. That makes their mind weird. They can feel angry or happy or feel like crying without any certain reason.  It is widely known as Mood swing. However, in this time writing a diary will help them to stay calm. That’s why today we have come up with 10 best pregnancy journals which every mom must have.

There are different kinds of journals written by various authors and published by different printing houses. Good news for the moms who are in their maternity is that there are journals which are on maternity and things around it. They contain many vital information or stories about maternity and the newborn as well. You can even note down things on them.

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10 Best Pregnancy Journals Reviews

Every expecting mom must have in their collection

These are the best 10 pregnancy journals which every mom must have in their collection:

1. Expecting You: A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal

Expecting You

The journal basically talked about the feeling of the mother who is waiting for her newborn to come into this world and make her complete. It’s a full combination of feeling, thoughts, likings, expectation and what not.

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2. The Pregnancy Journal: A Day-to-Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

The Pregnancy Journal - A Day-to-Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

One of the best pregnancy journal written by A. Christine Harris which was published back in 2009 and still selling copies. It has different information on medicine, medical, what should be done in serious moments etc.

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3. The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly (Potter Style)

The Belly Book

This best pregnancy journal is all about the time before the baby is born. It talks about the nine months of the pregnancy. How moms handle it, the hardens and everything that takes place during pregnancy. Its written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

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4. From Pea to Pumpkin: A Pregnancy Journal

From Pea to Pumpkin

It talks about the hopes of a mom that she gets in her mind during the pregnancy. It talks about her little dreams with her newborn. Then the baby’s life, how she grows faster. All the cute little moments of the journey.

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5. Bump to Birthday, Pregnancy & First Year Journal (American English version)

Bump to Birthday

This pregnancy journal contains the story of the mom when she conceives and till the baby is born. The birthday of a new born baby.

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6. Pearhead Pregnancy Journal, Multicolored

Pearhead Pregnancy Journal

This best pregnancy journal talked about a lot of things. It’s more like a guide for the pregnancy. It has different sections which are followed by different steps of pregnancy time and has 5 pocket pages as well. A very nice journal.

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7. My Pregnancy Journal with Sophie la girafe® (Sophie the Giraffe)

My Pregnancy Journal with Sophie la girafe

It’s a beautiful pregnancy journal is all about the beautiful moments of the pregnancy of the mother. It talks about the little baby and the hops with mom has for the baby as well.

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8. The Bump Pregnancy Planner & Journal

The Bump Pregnancy Planner & Journal

This pregnancy journal is written by Carley Roney. It talks about the sleepless and excited nights of the mother during maternity. How she manages her growing bump and etc. here moms can record important thing as well.

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9. The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal

The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal

Its talks about the excitement, love, attraction of pregnancy and many other things. It’s a very cute journal with lots of love and best wishes for the baby.

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10. The Nine Pregnancy Countdown Journal

The Nine Pregnancy Countdown Journal

It talks about the colorful moments of the pregnancy. Moms can capture different writings on it with lots of joy. Moms can stick pictures on it as well.

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These pregnancy journals are very nice. So moms take to buy these best 10 pregnancy journals and add to their collection.

Benefits of Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy is one of the most contrasting rides for expectant women. I said it contrasting because; it is the happiest time, on the contrary, it is one of the most irritating times while women have to experience lots of pains and changes. During this period, you will notice lots of unusual aspects as well.

The entire pregnancy is full of different things. I mean how it feels like to know for the first time that you are pregnant? Or what it feels when your baby kicks for the first time? How it hurts you? You can write all those things if you have a pregnancy journal in your hand. It will stay as most beautiful memories of yours.

Imagine your daughter is reading it during her pregnancy! She will know how her mother passed her maternity. She will learn so many things. Besides, experts already declare lots of benefits of keeping a journal.

Now, during pregnancy, what is the benefit of having a journal let me tell you:

Stay stress-free

If you write your thought every day during your pregnancy, it will help you to stay calm and stress-free. Writing something on paper means you are sharing your thoughts with someone. Sharing actually lessen the depression and stress. You can write about your fears, anger, anxiety, depression and so on. After writing those, you will notice a magical change in your mind.

Prepared for your baby

You can research and write down the stuff your child will need. It actually makes you prepared for your baby. You can even maintain a schedule for your day to day life. You can write down about your duties, medicine time, exercise time and so on. This will make you more organized and careful.

Make your baby checklist

You can make a checklist for your baby. I mean which things the baby will need after arriving in this world. You can make a list and learn how to imply those kinds of stuff. You can even keep a name list in there. This will help you a lot while rising up the baby.

Keep Happy Moments

What does it feel when the baby kicks for the first time? What was the feeling, when you saw the ultrasound image of the baby? What was your reaction while you got the positive pregnancy test? You can keep those moments in your journal. You can write every little thing that makes you happy. So, when you feel sad just keep reading those little things. Your mood will turn immediately.

Final Words

Actually having a pregnancy journal has lots of benefits. Even those best pregnancy journals in our panoply are not that costly as well. You can have one or two and write down everything you like to. This will not only help you to stay stress-free but also make you more productive. Who knows, there is a J.K. Rowling inside you waiting to come out with Harry Potter part 08!

That’s all for now! We will see each other with lots of other effective product reviews and pregnancy tips. Till then:

Keep writing!

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