Are You Pregnant? Early Pregnancy Symptoms

If you miss your period the first thing that most occurs in your mind is that you must be pregnant. Then you start your journey to figure out the result. You might undergo tests to know. Then when you get the confirmation you and our partner with your family enjoy this moment together.

But there is a thing that you can find out your news of pregnancy by yourself if you see these following signs or symptoms of pregnancy. You will somehow understand the presence of a new life inside you. Now if you don’t understand that you are pregnant these signs will make you realize that.

Here are Some Early Pregnancy Symptoms

  1. Will miss period:
    If you miss period once then it’s just. It can happen that you can miss the period. But if you know that you missed your period after some close moments with your partner then yes it can be an early pregnancy. If you think like why is it happening then you are pregnant, this is the answer to your question.In the first month, you might not feel that you are pregnant but if it happens for thrice then you can be sure about it and take a pregnancy test. But you should take a test as you can miss a period if your health is not in good condition so don’t take that lightly.
  2. Mood swing:
    There are some people who always have this problem. For dome, it can be a disease but if you are not familiar with it then it can be a sign of great news. It’s very normal when you get pregnant. Your mood won’t have any station during pregnancy.You won’t even know what you are doing. It’s like you will cry and then you would laugh and you don’t even know what you are doing. The hormones make combination during pregnancy so mood swing will happen.Early Pregnancy Symptoms

    3. Morning sickness:
    Normal sickness can be a good answer to your question which is you are pregnant or not. During pregnancy, most of the women go through this problem because of the hormonal changes and other things. The body gets ready for the baby. You would feel this problem before pregnancy or after pregnancy and it will stay for six to nine weeks.

    4.Changes in breast:
    It’s one of the most common sign and it occurs at the first stage of pregnancy so you would get to know about your pregnancy. You can see that the bra you wear is not getting fit. You may require a big size as your breast are growing. It’s an early pregnancy sign. You might also find that you are feeling like you are having heavy breast and dark spots will surround the nipple area.

    5.Feel fatigued:
    You might love to sleep a lot. But if you are getting pregnant then the amount of sleep will increase. Not only that you would often feel weak and tired so you would want to sleep a lot. Your body tried to cooperate with the change and the blood pressure goes down so you can feel fatigue.

If you see these symptoms you can be sure that you are pregnant but then again consulting with a doctor and take a test would be the best choice.

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