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Are You Pregnant? Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy is the most ecstatic time for most of the women. it is the most blissful time for a couple. But the question is how to confirm the pregnancy in the first place?  If you miss your period, the first thing that mostly comes in your mind is that you must be pregnant. It is the most common and trustable pregnancy symptoms ever. But is there any other symptom of pregnancy at the beginning? Yes, there is!

Today, we are here to discuss about the early signs or symptoms of pregnancy by which you can assure your pregnancy all by yourself.  However, you will somehow understand the presence of a new life inside you after couple of weeks. But if you don’t understand, these signs will make you realize that in a simple way.

Here are Some Early Pregnancy Symptoms

  1. Will miss period:

    If you miss period in a regular time, then it’s normal and it can happen any month for other physical issues. But if you know that you missed your period after some close moments with your partner then yes it can be pregnancy.  You can take a test after that to assure whether you are pregnant or you are on some other physical problems.

  2. Mood swing:

    Mood Swing means rapid changes in the mind. It is another vital early pregnancy symptom. During pregnancy women goes through lots of hormonal changes. For that they often experience mood swings. Your mood will not stay in any stable situation. You won’t even know what you are doing. It’s like you will feel sad at a moment and suddenly you would feel happy without any particular reason. If you face this type of situation it can be the reason of your pregnancy.

    Early Pregnancy Symptoms

  3. Morning sickness:

    During pregnancy, most of the women go through this problem because of the hormonal changes and other things. You can have an upset stomach; the moment you wake up in the morning. You can feel weak and down as well. Feeling sick in the morning can happen for your pregnancy. You can feel this problem before pregnancy or after pregnancy and it will stay for six to nine weeks.

  4. Changes in the breast:

    It’s one of the most common sign and it occurs at the first stage of pregnancy. You can see that the bra you wear is not getting fit. You may require a big size as your breast is growing. It’s an early pregnancy sign. You might also find that you are feeling like you are having heavy breast and dark spots will surround the nipple area.

  5. Feel fatigued:

    You might love to sleep a lot. But if you are getting pregnant then the amount of sleep will increase. Not only that you would often feel weak and tired so you would want to sleep a lot. Your body tried to cooperate with the change and the blood pressure goes down so you can feel fatigue.

    If you see these symptoms you can be sure that you are pregnant but then again consulting with a doctor and take a test would be the best choice.

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