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8 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blessing for parents. For most of the women, it is their heart’s deepest desire. It takes some time to get pregnant. But pregnancy can be held without your awareness. It is a bit tough to realize at first.

Some symptoms will occur at the very beginning of your pregnancy. If you learn about those signals, you can understand that good news is on its way. Let’s see 8 of the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy thoroughly.

These are the 8 early signs of pregnancy that you can see and get alert:


Tender Breast

Tender Breast is one of the early signs of pregnancy. It’s basically one of the first signs of pregnancy. You would feel like your breasts are feeling heavy and they are getting a bit big and also you can feel a bit fuller. Another thing happens that the nipple gets bigger. Even you can see that the area around the nipple is getting darker. It happens as the ‘progesterone’ hormones grow in your body as you are getting pregnant so there’s nothing to be worried. You can definitely go and consult with a doctor and become sure.

Mood swing

Mood Swing is the most common early pregnancy sign. During this time the hormones of female body change a lot. It also affects the mental condition of women. So, mood swing happens. It’s like a cycle. You can feel it at the early stage of pregnancy and it will last throughout your journey as hormones keep changing until the end of pregnancy period. You might feel happy or suddenly you might feel stressed out anything can happen without any certain reason. You can even feel this mood swing while having food.

Feel hungry

Feeling hungry frequently is a sign of early pregnancy. It’s like one day you started to like food and you don’t have any idea why. Don’t get worried. It’s nothing serious. You would often feel hungry; you might feel like eating something special. Sometimes you won’t even know what you want to have. Frequent hunger is another crucial early pregnancy sign.

Feel disgusted about food

You can feel like a bad smell is coming from the food and you would feel disgusted about it as well. Some women face food aversions and sensitivity odors in the very beginnings of their pregnancy period. For example, You usually have no problem with the smell of baking bread, but suddenly this small makes you irritate. It can be the early sign of pregnancy.


It’s another major early sign of pregnancy. You will feel tired after doing a little work or even without doing any work. You may think that you are getting lazy day by day. But my dear you are not getting lazy it could be another early pregnancy symptom. It can even happen before you missed your period.

Morning Sickness

Feeling sick after waking up every morning is another common early signs of pregnancy. It is also known as nausea. It happens because of hormonal changes inside the body. You can feel tired or you can face vomit problem as well.

Feel dizzy

You can also feel dizzy. You would feel like you might not be able to stand up. It happens because of the bold pressure goes down during these days. But day by day you won’t feel that much. You can even experience some weird pains in your body parts especially in your lower back. Those pains will lessen after a couple of weeks.

Peeing often

You would go to the toilet often to pee. The kidneys go through some kind of stage or process during pregnancy.  The blood flow to the kidneys increases up to 35 to 60% during pregnancy. That is the reason of frequent urination. It is an early pregnancy sign. There is nothing to get worried. Drink fresh water more.

These are the early signs of pregnancy that can happen to you. If you experience some of these signs, then you can take a pregnancy taste. However, none of those sign can confirm your pregnancy. Take a pregnancy taste and consult with a doctor as soon as possible for assurance.

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