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16 Early Signs Of Pregnancy: You Should Know

16 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

You must be thrilled to know whether you are pregnant or not. Pregnancy is an exciting moment for you and your family. Before going to the hospital, you can figure out by yourself about your pregnancy. You would find some changes and signs of pregnancy which you haven’t seen before.

If you experience some of the early pregnancy symptoms I am going to share below, you can be assured about your pregnancy. After that, visit the doctor for complete assurance and further instructions. Let’s see the most common early signs of pregnancy quickly.

16 Early Signs Of Pregnancy: You Should Know

16 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

  1. Breathing problem:

    You would find it difficult to breathe if you conceive recently. Shortness of breath is one of the most common early pregnancy sign. It happens because of new cells that are growing inside you with the fetus and to prove them with oxygen your breaths become short and half of the oxygen is going to it. There is nothing to be scared about. Just consult your doctor and take further instruction.

  2. Changes in the breast:

    You would find changes in your breast. They would grow bigger than the usual size. You would feel like your breasts have become heavier. You would also see dark spots around the nipples. The changes on our chest are one of the common signs of pregnancy.

  3. Feel lazy or fatigue:

    Now as you are pregnant you would feel lazy. No, that’s not your problem. It’s just an early sign of your pregnancy. You would feel tired very often and you might feel like you have become lazy or getting fat and feel sleepy often. However, this laziness will disappear after couple of weeks.

  4. Nausea:

    You would feel bad every morning. You won’t feel like getting up from sleep. It’s something like a morning sickness. You may experience upset stomach every morning you wake up. Even you can feel so exhausted and tired.

  5. Urination:

    You would feel that your urination has become very frequent but the amount of the urination is very little. It’s another early sign or pregnancy. As you blood exhales extra fluid as you are pregnant so it happens.

  6. Smell problem:

    You can also get the weird and bad smell from different type of foods. During maternity women’s sense of smell increases in a noticeable way. Suddenly they started smelling so much from foods, drinks, toiletries and even from people. It is actually an early pregnancy symptom.

  7. Headache:

    You would often find headaches which will bother you a lot. They won’t stay for a long time and they will be not that bad. But you would feel the pain often. At the first trimester of pregnancy, female body changes a lot. That is the reason of headache frequently. It is another early pregnancy symptom.

  8. Back pains:

    You would feel extreme back pain often. You would feel it really bad and unbearable. The pain will stay mostly in the lower part of your back. You are gaining weight that’s the reason of those type of unusual pains.

  9. Feel cramp:

    You would feel weird and very cramp during pregnancy. The uterus goes through changes and gets stretchy so you might feel cramp in the baby. This can be another early pregnancy sign. However, those pains will disappear after few weeks so you don’t have to be worried.

  10. Mood swing:

    One of the greatest early sign of pregnancy is sudden change of mood. You would feel it frequently and suddenly. You would get cranky often and sometimes feel good as well. The sudden change of your mood will take place.

  11. Food problem:

    You would feel the problem with food. Yes, you would feel the extreme craving for certain foods like pickles, then again you can lose interest for some of your favorite foods.

  12. Body temperature:

    You would find that you have the fever. Your body temperature will increase and body is heating up. It happens for lots of hormonal changes in your body. It’s an early sign of pregnancy.

  13. Bloating:

    You would feel like you cannot put your skinny jeans any longer. You would find that you are getting bigger and bigger day by day. It happens during pregnancy. It’s another early sign or pregnancy.

  14. Feel dizzy:

    You would often feel dizzy. You would feel like you are going to fall anytime soon. Don’t get worried it’s an early sign of pregnancy. And it will disappear after some day. Actually it mostly happens in the first trimester of pregnancy.

  15. Vomiting:

    After having anything, you might feel like you would vomit. You can feel like vomiting even in the morning you wake up. It is actually another early pregnancy symptom that every pregnant woman face.

  16. Feel thirsty:

    You can feel thirstier than regular times. During pregnancy female body needs more water to support the blood circulation. It is another early pregnancy symptom. Drink up more water. Water is good for you and your baby.

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