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10 Foods To Eat During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, moms need to take care of what they are eating. There must be some fundamental thing in their regular food chart to keep themselves healthy and the baby as well.

They must go for food with less fat and with as much as vitamin or protein they can have. There should be a regulation of food and a time to have food. They need to keep it in mind that they are having food for two people now.

These are the 10 best foods suggested by doctors for the Moms to have during pregnancy:

1. Egg:

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Eggs are always good to have. And when it comes to pregnancy they are the best choice. Egg contains lots of food minerals like protein, vitamin, minerals, etc. which are very important to have during pregnancy. If you eat egg it’s actually giving you everything. Eggs do multitask for a mom during pregnancy. But there is something to add and it is to avoid the egg yolk if it’s possible. Try to give the egg a quick boil and have it.

2. Meat:

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Meat is also very useful and it’s a must to eat during pregnancy. Try to find the red looking meats as they are the best to have during pregnancy. Beef and chicken both can be very useful to have. They contain lots of protein. But the meat pieces which doesn’t contain fat as its bad for pregnancy. Try to avoid hot dogs or processed meat.

3. Fruits and vegetables:

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Try to have different vegetables and fruits which are colorful. They contain lots of vitamins. Also, colorful vegetables and fruits contain lots of other vitamins.

4. Beans:

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Different beans contain different fibers and proteins. There are beans black beans and others. They are being collected from different vegetables and these are the foods which contain the maximum amount of protein and vitamin than the other foods. Fibers are very good as they are full of nutritious so beans are essential to have during pregnancy.


5. Fish:

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Fish is a very good option to get protein. They are usually full of high-quality protein. You can have salmon fish as an example as it has lots of protein to provide you. They also contain Omega fat which is very good for the health of the baby and for you as well. Try to avoid canned fish as they are processed and may contain bad chemicals.

6.Sweet potato:

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Sweet potato is far better than the normal potatoes as the normal ones contain an excessive amount of starch which generally cause fat on your body and it’s really bad for you and for the baby. Sweet potatoes are very good as they provide you with vitamin A by converting the plant pigments. Their color is nice and it contains calories for you and for the baby.


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There are different types of nut that you can eat during pregnancy except few like normal nut as it contains a bit fat. Bit walnut is the best among the other nuts to have during pregnancy. They contain plant omega vitamin which is very rare. The DHA it contains is just great for your baby.

8.Greek yogurt:

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Try to avoid the normal youth and have the Greek one as they are better and has more protein that the normal one. It’s a very nice pregnancy food that you can have. Yogurt gives you a lot of calcium as well which helps to develop the bones of the baby and also help your bones to get stronger.


9.Whole grains:

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Whole grains are full of vitamin, protein and other food minerals. If you are not feeling like to have a bread made of whole grain then have popcorn as they are made from a whole grain as well. It works like a super food during pregnancy.

10.Green vegetables: 

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Have green vegetables as much as possible. They are the best to contain different vitamins for you and for the baby. They usually contain vitamin A, C, and K which are really good for the growth of the baby.

During pregnancy, you must think before eating something. It is a must to stay healthy and happy during this period. it is the most crucial period for a woman. Be careful about every little thing. Don’t panic! Everything will be alright. Best of luck!

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