10 Best Maternity Underwear For New Moms

Moms who are in the maternity period have to take care of different things starting from food to clothes. Picking up the right cloth is a hard task and when it comes to underwear moms need to be more careful.

There are different maternity underwear for the moms who are in maternity stage or have already become moms of different styles and shapes. They are made from good quality of fabric so that moms feel relaxed wearing those.

Best Maternity Underwear: Top 10 Reviews for New Moms

We the maternityfolks team analysis over 30 maternity underwear’s before making this list. Our digital support team read over thousands of customer’s feedback over the internet. Besides, our experts talked with several doctors to ensure whether those are skin friendly or not! After that we have come up with this best maternity underwear reviews. Let’s have look on the list.

Giftpocket Women’s Under Bump Maternity Panties Healthy Underwear

Giftpocket Women's Under Bump Maternity Panties Healthy Underwear

Wear and Feel nothing with this comfortable underwear that is designed with the premium cotton material. It is also skin-friendly and breathable with moderate read coverage. Therefore, it designed with low waist cross that fits perfectly under the bump and it will not provide any sort of extra pressure.

It is machine washable and all the products passed Orko-test standard. So, those underwear’s are apparently healthy for both you and your baby!

Intimate Portal Women’s Under the Bump Maternity Bikini

Intimate Portal Women's Under the Bump Maternity BikiniThis maternity underwear comes in a set means there are two underwear in one single packet of two different colors. It’s a pantie with cross over feature that fits with the bump without creating pressure. These are very soft to wear and very comfortable as they are made of cotton.

Motherhood Maternity Fold over Panties
Motherhood Maternity Fold over Panties

It’s a maternity underwear or panties set and there are 3 panties in one single packet of different light colors. They are made of cotton and they are really flexible to wear. These are fold over pattern panties specially made to wear during maternity.

Motherhood Maternity Bikini Panties

Motherhood Maternity Bikini Panties

These are bikini style maternity panties for the moms and it’s a set of 3 panties of 3 different colors and prints. Moms can buy them individually as well. They are really soft and stretchy. These bikini panties are perfect for maternity. Moms can wear these after pregnancy as well.

Cezara Belly Support Panty



It’s a set of 3 maternity pantie style underwear which comes in 3 different colors. It’s a cotton fabric pantie with antibacterial protection so there is less possibility for any kind of infection. They have elastic so they are very flexible and cozy to wear. Perfect to wear during and after pregnancy.

Fruit of the Loom Women’s 6 Pack beyond Soft Brief


It’s a set of 6 maternity underwear that comes in different colors. They are very comfortable as they are completely tag free and made of cotton. They are machine washable. They have elastic in the waist and the leg side and they are very smooth.

Motherhood Maternity Hipster Panties (3 Pack)

Motherhood Maternity Hipster Panties

These maternity underwear come as a set of 3 consists of different colors. They are also available in different prints as well. They are very stretchy fabric and made of cotton. They have bow design in the front area. They are perfect hipster maternity panties or underwear.

Intimate Portal Women Stay-Fit under the Bump Maternity Hipster Panties

Intimate Portal Women Stay-Fit under the Bump Maternity Hipster Panties
These maternity underwear are very cute as they have bow designs on the front side of the panties. They come in two different colors as a set of 2 maternity underwear. They are very stretchy and lightweight so very easy to carry and wear. They are low–rise for extra flexibility for the moms. They have back covered as well.

Anita Maternity Women’s Maternity Brief 1502



These maternity underwear are available in different sizes and colors. They have unique seamless design so moms can wear them for a long time. They also have rare coverage feature in it. It also has wide edges so it actually prevents digging in problem.

Women’s Seamless Knit Postpartum Maternity Underwear (Pack of 6)


Maternity Underwear

These are really nice maternity panties and they come as a set of 6 consists of 6 different colors. They are available in different sizes as well. They are really comfortable and the weight of the pantie is so light. They stretchy fabric fits with the body size perfectly.

These are the10 best maternity underwear for new moms. All of the products in our list is cost efficient and made of highest quality materials without any harmful chemicals. You can try one without any doubt.  However, before purchasing maternity underwear don’t forget to read the buying guide below.

Best Maternity Underwear Buying Guide

I already reviewed 10 best maternity underwear of 2017. Hope you already made your mind. However, as it is for your pregnancy time, so, consider every little aspect very closely. To help you in this matter, I am here with a short buying guide of maternity underwear. After reading this section, you will be able to pick one wisely.

Is it necessary to wear maternity underwear during pregnancy?

There is lots of controversy regarding this issue. The answer is simple. Well, it totally depends on you. You can wear your regular undies if you wish to. But during pregnancy, your body will increase a lot. You will gain more weight. Your regular underwear will not fit after some weeks. That’s why, it is essential to purchase couple of maternity underwear for your pregnancy stage. Those will stay fit throughout your pregnancy journey.

Therefore, during pregnancy women require more comfort that only maternity clothes can provide. In terms of maternity underwear, those are made of soft materials to provide the utmost comfort to a woman. That’s another reason to have maternity underwear during pregnancy. Don’t think you are wasting your dollar. You are just investing your money for the sake of your health and comfort!

There are some certain things you should consider before purchasing maternity underwear. They are:

Type of maternity underwear

Mostly maternity undies come in two different types. One is Low cut type that fits underneath of the belly another one is High cut that fits over the belly. It is up to you to choose one according to your comfort level.


After that you have to consider the materials. Usually, during pregnancy it is essential to wear something that is skin friendly and made without any use of harmful chemicals. Maternity undies that are made of premium cotton or microfiber are actually good to wear during pregnancy stage. Those are lightweight and offer perfect support as well.

Underwear Size

There was a time while women get very confused to pick the right size during their pregnancy. Things have changed. Designer at present offers maternity size. You don’t need to wear any size large. You can wear your current size but in maternity version. Those maternity undies are extra-stretchy so those will fit according to your growing belly.

Comfort and support

comfort and support is the utmost concern during pregnancy. Try to pick one that is comfortable to wear and stretchy as well. You will get super support if you pick stretchy maternity underwear.

Final Words

That’s all I had in my pocket! I already showed you the best maternity underwear and some essential buying tips. It is up to you now. However, it is not necessary to purchase maternity underwear. You can even use regular undies if you wish to. All you have to do is go for one that is comfortable and stretchy. But for me maternity undies were life saver. Maternity underwear’s provide me the best support and comfort during my time. Even those were fitted with my growing body perfectly.

If you take my recommendation seriously, I would suggest you to have some maternity undies immediately. And enjoy your maternity journey with maximum comfort. Those are even very inexpensive.

No more today. We will meet again with some other essential maternity dresses and gears. Till then:

Stay safe!

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